The Rule of Thumb of Some Tokusatsu Heroes: Hiding One's Identity?

I did remember as a child I would somehow ask the issues on why certain superheroes needed to hide their identities.  It was sort of copied from the trends of Spiderman, Batman and Superman.  Now it also applied to Tokusatsu.

The spiritual ancestor of Super Sentai, Gatchaman- these guys hid their real identities from the public so well even the Gallactor didn't know.

I was baffled at to why Kotaro Minami also hid his identity as Kamen Rider Black and later as Black RX, seemed the Kamen Riders followed that rule of thumb on their own whether continuity heavy or self-contained.  Later some Kamen Riders revealed their identities to others who helped them keep the secret.  If I were a Kamen Rider, I'd most likely do the same.  He later revealed his identity to his girlfriend in Black RX.

In Bioman episode 13, I had my thoughts on Shiro telling everyone including Jun to never reveal their identities to other people EVEN if Gear knew of their identities.  Well Dr. Man's estranged son Shuichi knew about it.  The rule wasn't very enforced either since Jun eventually morphed IN FRONT of a girl she rescued.

Now for teenager groups in Super Sentai and Power Rangers.  In Turboranger, it seems to be the rule of thumb that they can't reveal themselves to the public- but later Misa Yamaguchi discovered their identities in the finale.  In Megaranger, same thing happened.  In the case of MMPR and now Megaforce, their mentors directly state to them the common ground of these four groups- to never use their powers for evil, to never play with their morphing gadgets as a toy and to NEVER let anyone know they are henshin heroes.  I just thought that it did create some bad consequences like Zack's date gone bad or the Turborangers not in good graces with their teacher because they suddenly left class to fight evil.


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