Those Useless Characters in Power Rangers

Here are characters in the Power Rangers franchise that I think that are useless, not all of them annoy me though.

Bulk and Skull- As a child I thought they were funny BUT the gag soon got sour.  For season 1-2 I did tolerate their existence or that stupid plot where they wanted to figure out the identity of the Power Rangers. I did chuckle at them UNTIL I realized they were getting corny.  So yeah from MMPR down to PR in Space they were souring out.

Professor Phenomenus was introduced in Power Rangers in Space.  He was a loony old man that did little or none, he remained in Lost Galaxy.  Overall, just a useless character and I thought that his concept was done well when it came to Santa-Chan in Kamen Rider W.  Just a joke character sad to say but he didn't annoy me.

Cassidy and Devin I REALLY DAMN HATED THESE TWO to death!  Need I say more?

Boom.  Well I'd say at least he is part of the technical crew but still, didn't like SPD for a lot of reasons I keep mentioning to myself.

Spike as Skull's son was what I'd call recycling and a poor attempt to remake Skull.  I do feel this guy is a pervert with his mannerisms.  He's just there for fanservice like his Uncle Bulk so it's possible his mother is Bulk's sister.  I don't find him horrid but he's just useless.


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