Most Overrated Power Rangers Hotties

For Power Rangers, sigh there aren't really much hot chicks in it.  However I had my thoughts on the following girls.

First overrated girl goes to Kimberly Hart.  Yup she is pretty and sexy BUT it does become a bad habit of mine to overrate her and other pretty white girls.  Sigh, I'm Asian and why am I doing it in the first place?!  As far as concerned, she helped me endure through the weakening side of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers until she eventually left the set.  I would say that maybe she's not really the hottest girl in Tokusatsu dom in the 90s but that's pretty much my own choice.

My second one (and last here) would go to Gia Moran.  It's been awhile ever since somebody THIS HOT showed up.  Well Megaforce is for me getting weaker but looks like Gia's there to serve as some pain reliever.  Hee hee hee hee.


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