Conan Adaptations and BAAAAAD Sequels

Well here's a list of some series in America that started out good but suffered from really bad sequels.  They are...

Conan the Barbarian was a successful, really plot intense film.  Yup talk about the coming of the age of the Snake Cult where the evil snake sorcerer Thulsa Doom had begun to lure people into the worship of Set involved in many sinister activities like orgies and eating their murder victims.  However it was succeeded by the bad sequel called "Conan the Destroyer" which really destroyed hopes of ever having a third film.  The second film was really lame... so we have Malak who is useless and it suffered from one bad review to another.  The same mistake happened in the Conan cartoon adaptation.

Conan the Adventurer was so good it lasted up to 65 episodes in Conan's quest to liberate his parents from the spell of living stone that the high priest Wrath-Amon placed upon them.  In fact, the engaging plots where Wrath-Amon seeks to free the snake god Set from the abyss so the serpent men can rule the world was one of the best engaging thrillers ever.  However it was followed up by the horrible Conan and the Young Warriors series which was a very BAD series it didn't last long... yup and I was hoping Mesmira would get more focused like her counterpart in the films Taramis.


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