What I Thought of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition's Events

The story of Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition (or MK9) was this... it happens after the events of Armageddon and Shao Kahn got too powerful after Taven defeats Blaze.  So everybody kills each other and Armageddon wasn't prevented.  Shao Kahn even defeats his former emperor Onaga and then finally defeats Raiden who is weakened because the latter wasn't in Earthrealm.  Shao Kahn defeats Raiden but before Raiden defeats Shao Kahn, he utters the words "He must win..." sending a vague message.  Presumably after Shao Kahn descends into madness, a reincarnation cycle occurs to where Raiden sends memories of his past life into his next life to prevent Shao Kahn from ever conquering the realms again.  However in the next life, Raiden has become idiotic to where one mistake after the other kills people.  The events made me think this game should have been called "Mortal Kombat Reincarnation".

So we are taken to a different turn of events where everybody is either reincarnated or it's an alternate dimension but more of reincarnation.  So maybe after a couple of reincarnations, everything goes back to the first tournament which happens different probably the solution to stop Armageddon.  However Raiden just doesn't figure out who "he must win" is thanks to a vague message.  For one, the events have brought in characters that weren't supposed to appear in the first or second tournament, not to mention Quan Chi.  So everything gets altered like Kung Lao fighting Scorpion in their next lives.  So poor them...  most of them don't improve or are usually repetitively altered.  Take for instance Scorpion in both his past life and his next life, he still basically loses his family again.  Ouch... talk about being allowed to reunite with his family and clan yet only to see them murdered again.  How cruel can reincarnation be?  So one event after the other is altered and some repeat themselves both the past life and the next life.  However in the next life, some events do alter drastically like Mileena is awakened much later making her childlike compared to her past life where she was really cunning and deadly.

I had my thoughts on it that Raiden still hasn't figured out who he must win is but in the series of hot flashes from his past life, he ends up committing one mistake after the other.  So all he did was change events between two major tournaments.  The first tournament was where Earthrealm was saved from Shao Kahn by breaking the streak.  The second tournament was supposedly a replacement of the rule of ten but it was fouled up but at the highest of costs.  So we do realize that events have been altered like Kintaro faces Kung Lao in this life compared to him facing against Liu Kang in his past life.  The many events having been altered even results to Smoke not being cybernized but in his place, Sub-Zero becomes the new cyborg.  Raiden was able to prevent one event but the rest didn't like Bi Han the original Sub-Zero is again reincarnated into Noob Sabot in the next life.  Everything goes from bad to worse in Raiden's quest to stop Armageddon from occurring again which brought tragedy upon tragedy.  Kung Lao is killed by Shao Kahn causing Liu Kang to win.  So by allowing Liu Kang to win, the events more or less follow the events of the previous life.

Eventually like in his past life, Shao Kahn tries invasion... again.  So maybe after he won Armageddon, he decided to reboot everything out of boredom or what?  Regardless, Quan Chi tricked Shao Kahn into his own doom as we'll find out.  So Shao Kahn commits the transgression of invasion and Raiden reveals how idiotic he has become.  While he sought an audience with the Elder Gods begging Shao Kahn's transgression to be punished, he is already told that only when Shao Kahn will merge the realms then can the Elder Gods intervene.  Doesn't Raiden read his dictionary when he says that there's no difference between merging and invading?  So it goes from bad to worse when a resurrected Sindel kills everyone but for some reason, Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade still lives.  So we realize Liu Kang has really lost faith in Raiden which is normal considering Raiden had become so idiotic.  Proof of Raiden's stupidity is when he decides to try and ally with the Netherrealm... and offer EVERY SOUL that perishes?  Wow it's only when he descends into the Netherrealm does he figure out that "he must win" is Shao Kahn that if the latter is allowed to merge realms without a tournament victory, the latter will be punished but it's too late as Liu Kang had lost faith.  In fact, Raiden's stupidity was something that made this game sometimes hilarious.

So we have Liu Kang really losing faith in Raiden and fighting him.  I can't blame Liu Kang for his actions- Raiden has one blunder after the other.  And to prove how stupid Raiden had become, he ended up killing Liu Kang which may have added another phantom warrior into Shinnok's army in the process.  And he deserved all the condemnation of the dead warriors in the Netherrealm when they said, "You have condemned us all Raiden."  So Raiden well discovers too late or not, regardless he finally allows Shao Kahn to do the ultimate transgression that is to fully merge Outworld and Earthrealm without Mortal Kombat.  In the process, Shao Kahn's claim to being the king of the universe has caused the Elder Gods to finally intervene.  So the law of karma hits Shao Kahn after Raiden is empowered by the Elder Gods.  After the battle, the Elder Gods finally destroy Shao Kahn and Armageddon is prevented (for now).  Raiden picks up Liu Kang's body maybe trying to revive him but he may soon lose the latter's body during Shinnok's invasion.


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