Lord Zedd's Impact in MMPR

MMPR well that season was really overextended. Now I thought here's been the surprise twist to everything- Rita Repulsa appeared to be the big bad of MMPR but later, we realize that the former was merely the subordinate of Lord Zedd. So pretty much what impact did it bring? So for me, it was too much a sudden twist in everything then again, surprises do happen. But how did he act as a villain? As a villain, I pretty thought that he pretty much had these problems...

While I was impressed by Lord Zedd being able to create stronger putties but one problem this guy has- he made them with an obvious weak spot which made them easier to defeat which I think is pretty stupid. I mean, really what kind of an evil overlord would value too much of strength to ignore defense? That was what was practically wrong with the putties. He blames Rita Repulsa for all the failures but he really, really has his own set of failures not to mention most of his schemes are just as silly. He was only scary personality-wise but he was also pretty stupid at the same time, then again most Toku villains are pretty stupid. But I have to commend him for being able to wear down the Green Ranger powers or having some more cunning, but still his schemes were pretty half-brained. But other than that, the fact he directly hit the Power Rangers without pulling punches was something, yet he doesn't even acknowledge his faults and constantly beat Goldar (who's a glutton for punishment), Squatt and Baboo. I'll have to dare say that his plans weren't really working after that. =P

Well with his relationship with Rita Repulsa. I pretty find it stupid he just decided throw her away than incinerate her, then again he's not so smart after all. Rita Repulsa did manage to return and marry him. So pretty much, while she at first married him for power but in the long run, both of them discovered their true feelings. In fact, Rita grew to love him and vice-versa. Despite Lord Zedd getting silly but hey, at least he finally had MUCH better plans with his wife except they both didn't fix the putties. Just my thought, Lord Zedd could have kept his scarier personality even when married to Rita. The marriage wasn't a bad idea, it's that they just decided to let him go silly while having more effective plans than when he operated alone. Also, he began to treat his minions better making him do more damage than he did though it did enter the bad turmoil that was MMPR Season Three.


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