Voltes V and Golion Compared

Well I'm going to do a comparison to which series did better... just my two cents on everything.

Golion's setting is non-canon to Voltes V evidenced by the beginning when in the year 1999, Earth is hit by a nuclear war to which Galra may have been responsible for.  So that is taking things to far.  In one instance to another, I thought that the Voltes V team had more drama involved especially with the three siblings Kenichi, Daigorou and Hiyoshi especially when in the middle of the series, they are revealed to be half-Boazanian.  Golion's team members are apparently just "too standard".

The obvious similarity is the presence of the Orcus on the throne, Daibazaal and Zanbazil.  Just thinking about it, Daibazaal might be 50 years old (500 in Earth years) but he really acts like a two year old with all his tantrums and the fact he does evil for evil's sake- does this guy even KNOW the meaning of planning?  I mean really, no monarch should throw their scepter at any minion, no matter how displeased. Zanbazil knew how to act dignified in most situations, Daibazaal was always like a toddler who whines about not getting what he wants.  I really thought that Daibazaal had no real skills whatsoever except getting mad and blaming everyone, including his own son for failures he's responsible for.  For their deaths, I thought Zanbazil's death while trying to escape with little of whatever wealth he had was better than Daibazaal's death in battle after his own son overthrew him.  For Zanbazil, you should credit the fact he didn't need his mommy's help to take over the throne, he schemed it on his own.

The last minute plot of Honerva's secret relationship to the emperor.  That is after Daibazaal dies in a rather pretty standard way, Honerva reveals the dreadful secret that she was the mistress of the previous emperor and that Daibazaal is her illegitimate son.  To be honest, I felt it was pretty last minute because in Voltes V, at least it was explained how Zanbazil had the throne!  In Golion, Daibazaal's rise to power from being the illegitimate child of the previous emperor was never detailed, which I felt was a very weak point and maybe, just maybe Honerva helped him but why he never figured out she was his mother is something.  In fact, maybe Honerva was ashamed to admit Daibazaal was her son because it was a royal scandal for the previous emperor to have an affair with his state sorceress.

Concerning the princes in both shows.  Sincline might be in some ways similar to Heinel but one thing is certain, Sincline is pretty much idiotic with his crush on Farla.  I mean, that guy could just grab any girl he wants and well, why does he have to have Farla?  It doesn't make sense!  I mean, he could have just had Amue and then forget Farla?  Then again, I guess he doesn't want to harm any blondes that come across his path.  For Heinel, he's not flat like Sincline when it comes to actions, Heinel REALLY knows how to plan things out and doesn't let anything distract him.  Sincline is a perverted conqueror who probably has a lot of women and says, "Well I've got to have her and her and her." and Farla is just among the many.  I guess he hates redheads.

Final battle.  Golion was basically copy/pasting some things from Voltes V for the finale like their base being a spaceship and all.  My complaint on Golion is that the rebels in Galra weren't really joining them, no real drama in Galra.  In fact, makes me think I mean if Daibazaal is so mean a tyrant wouldn't even citizens at Galra hate their emperor that much?  In Voltes V, there's more drama when rebels from Boazan joined forces to help get rid of their emperor.

Overall, Voltes V still feels better than Golion.


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