My Thoughts on Arnold Schwarzenegger Returning as an Aged Conan

Well Arnold's back with his titular role as Conan.  For me, I wanted to take it with a grain of salt because for one, he's really too old to play the badass barbarian but I could be very wrong about that!  Instead, I ended up running across the 65 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the barbarian.  Now for some things you don't know or would have known- Arnold was supposed to have three Conan films.  After the less successful Conan the Destroyer, a third movie was supposedly made but real life circumstances caused the intended movie Conan the Conqueror to be aborted.  Plus, I hate the fact that the movie Conan the Conqueror was soon changed into the rather stupid movie Kull the Conqueror and also, Kevin Sorbo refused to carry on Arnold's character as if he were the first Hercules. In 2011, Jason Momoa played the new Conan in a total new reboot of Conan the Barbarian to which was sadly a flop.  I thought Jason Momoa had potential, in fact I even think the movie should have been the long awaited sequel Conan the Conqueror to play as Conan's younger self and Arnold to become the older Conan in some selected scenes.

So the rumored plot is that in this movie, Conan is now an aging king who has sat on the throne of Aquilonia.  Personally with the rumored Ice Witch script, I don't like the idea of having Conan having a female nemesis either.  So I was wondering in this one, how will an aging Conan do his struggle to keep himself on the throne?  I guess it would be nice to have anybody act as Conan's son Conn for the movie, I wouldn't mind if Jason Momoa takes that part or act as Conan's younger self if flashbacks are included.  I thought I'd like to see how an older Conan moves along.


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