What Was Practically Wrong with Golion?

Well I've just finished watching Golion and I was thinking it does have its nice moments but I thought that it just pales compared to Voltes V.  Rather than do the cliche Voltes V vs. Lion Voltron comparison, here's what I practically think is wrong with this Super Robot series:

I would probably point the problem mostly to the recurring villains!  I mean the Galra seem to have no real sense of direction, it's always evil for evil's sake like when they forced the people in Jarre to work for them, they simply fed them executed prisoners for the sake of being evil.  I would like to really show what's wrong with most of them starting with its emperor.

I think Daibazaal's plot is one of the biggest weakness of the show if you ask me.  Now you might think he's awesome but I think this guy is pretty idiotic and so is how he goes.  So he's a dictator, we know that but really how come he doesn't even mention there are rebellions in Galra they need to crush?  My problem can even go bigger to why Galra is always chaotic evil.  Okay this guy rules with an iron fist but why doesn't he have problems of rebels in his own territory?  Made me think also that he's always throwing tantrums and seeking scapegoats.  Plus, it wasn't working that at the last minute some plots of Emperor Zanbazil were copied into him only after he died that he was revealed to be Honerva's illegitimate son with the previous emperor.  Also should I mention he is OVERLY dependent on Honerva?!  Plus it doesn't help that he always has to have scapegoats for his failures like Zadak's failure for instance.

Next is Prince Sincline.  Well at first, he does look like he's the type of villain who knows how to really cause pain to the Golion team and he's smarter than his father, considering the fact he even turned the tables on his father at the finale arc.  My big problem with him is his rather unhealthy obsession with Farla just because she looks like his mom when he has a HUGE HAREM full of her so-called clones.  Then he goes after Princess Amue and then still wants Farla.  I think all that ruins any chance of him becoming a real threat and he's probably getting his stupidity from his father.  I mean, he was born out of his father's loveless marriage to an Altean woman.  Just made me think while he has really interesting evil plans but that crush on Farla can get really annoying at times and most of the time, he's pretty stupid.  Heinel in Voltes V has much better plans most of the time if you ask me.  If I were to write this guy, I think I might make him "Be mine or die." on Farla that is, he will be more than willing to kill her than be hesitant because he can always get other hot blondes.  Oh please, Prince Heinel is 1,000 x better than he is!

Honerva... well maybe she's the only one in Galra who is really thinking and she serves as the Emperor's personal sorceress.  She has done most of the thinking and she really is a badass sorceress.  It becomes a problem though that the villains tend to overly rely on her and her occult science, rather than her being the support arc.  My biggest problem had to be the last minute revelation that Daibazaal was her illegitimate son when she committed adultery with the previous Galran Emperor and how in the world couldn't the latter know about it?


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