Kimberly Hart- My Top Reason to Watch Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in the Past?

Well I guess it's time for another guilty pleasure confession and I would admit this- I may have been more of a Super Sentai fan and two, I didn't know much about Power Rangers being a licensed adaptation by Saban but boy I had one guilty pleasure back then.  That guilty pleasure was none other than Kimberly Hart of Power Rangers, the main reason I would say I stuck through the corny world of Power Rangers.  I would consider this pretty stupid but I'd write about it.

Well I would think about it that watching MMPR had some up and down effects on me.  One, I really was drifting away from reality that time as a kid in a troubled environment and I was as naughty as Takeru was as a kid in Maskman.  Just almost everything about her was getting to me from her pretty face to her sexy body to her nice skin accompanied by that aura of innocence which attracted me away from my other Henshin infatuations like Momoko and Hikaru.  The actress was also pretty great herself but not really all that great.  I would also say that I did some silly stuff during this time like "stealing" my sister's MMPR Kimberly doll.

If there was anything that annoyed her a lot and I mean A LOT it had to be Skull's crush on her.  Skull was probably more of a misguided teenager and a bully wannabe than a real bully.  For me, I felt sorry for her every time Skull had an unwanted advance on her.  But it also gave me the joke line of making Skull fall for either Mei or Lin if he ever visited the world of Super Sentai.  Or two, this became an inspiration for my jokes involving Spike and Rin Takanashi in my celebrities blog though seriously, I got to drop it.

Well my favorite ranger jumped around at least three times.  First my favorite was Billy but it changed quickly to Jason then to Tommy.  Well I would say my reason for liking Tommy was pretty stupid as a kid because he was the one who ends up with Kimberly during that time.  The whole Tommy/Kim pairing was my favorite chemistry and so sad it had to be crushed out during Zeo.  Wow, Power Rangers does tend to suffer a lot from bad writing and pretty forced relationships.  I'll just admit that for some time, I just stuck through MMPR for her until she left and then then end. =P

Also what was really something was that she left some kind of LOOOOONG impact on me.  That is, I really just didn't find any other girl prettier than she was after her entrance and exit which I think is but relative.  So okay I won't argue with Mr. Smith if he wants to put Jasmine instead of Kimberly in that place.

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