Movie Version of Thulsa Doom vs. Wrath-Amon: Who Wins?

It's time for a villain showdown and I would like to compare Wrath-Amon (who is based on Thoth-Amon in the Conan comics but nowhere near in personality) and do a comparative analysis.  Now let's see who wins this battle:

And he dressed like this
Now let's do a comparison between these guys. Both are reptilian sorcerers, second in command to their god Set but now let's see who really wins:


Thulsa Doom's origins are unclear except all we know is that he could be from the member of a lost civilization, a forgotten race.  He is most likely thousands of years old and is an expert sorcerer and warrior.

Wrath-Amon was once the gilla monster pet of the former high priest Ram-Amon.  With some of Ram-Amon's black magic, he became a cunning serpentman and took over.  He got the Black Ring and Set made him the new high priest in place of the more competent Ram-Amon.

Administrative style:

Thulsa Doom during his "younger years" was a ruthless warlord who went in search for steel to conquer more lands for his god Set.  However in the later years, he began to spread the worship of Set through a strange cult that controls the youths of the land as his mindless assassins.  He had controlled even kings with his power, even challenged Zamora and took away Yasimina its heiress to become his lover.  He uses subtle means to rule over people and has won the hearts of many by his charisma.

Wrath-Amon usually loses his temper a lot like Serpentor in the G.I.Joe cartoon (after all Hasbro also made Conan cartoon). He only goes unchallenged because he is the owner of the Black Ring, other than that he has poor leadership skills and one has to wonder why the Cult of Set under his administration still spread like fire and he rules Stygia.

Introduction to Conan:

Thulsa Doom started out to raid Conan's village when the hero was just a lad.  He leads his snake worshiping minions to raid the village, in search for steel.  He killed every last person he could and sold the children to slavery.  His objective there was to fully control steel.

Wrath-Amon attacks Conan's village when he's an adult.  During that time, he was in search of the Star Metal which his god Set commanded him to seize so they the snake worshipers can free their god from the Abyss.  He turns Conan's parents into stone and doesn't do as much damage as movie Doom.


Thulsa has a whole lot of them.  In the beginning, he has his two enforcers Rexor (who would later be the high priest second only to him) and Thorgrim who helped him destroy the village.  He has an army of competent soldiers who really whack things down.  Later, it is revealed that he has later deceived countless youth into becoming his ruthless assassins and these guys will die for him and they are also cannibals who eat their murder victims.

As for Wrath-Amon well the serpent men are widely incompetent.  He has Dregs who is well just a stupid Naga, Skullkur's a bonehead and Windfang well isn't all that good either.

Methods of dealing with enemies:

Thulsa pretty much has some bad methods.  From raiding villages with systematic destruction to using his cult followers to kill them, crucifying people, he also has a bad habit of butchering his enemies and feeding them to his minions.

Hmmm pretty cartoony most of the time considering it's just "turn ot stone" or whatever.  He loses big time.


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