Other Problems with MMPR Season Two and Three

As said, it was better for MMPR to end as it should.  And now I'd like to list my problems with the series aside from the overextension and no proper finale:

Lord Zedd- Though he initially had a cool introduction and everything, cool theme song and I just seldom imagined myself as him (at first) but I thought that he was actually just threatening for the first few arcs but you can see he had become a terrible joke, even before his marriage to Rita.  I thought that after he created his advanced Z-Putties, he was too focused on brawn than anything.  The Z-Putties were more powerful but the Power Rangers could beat them so easily after that, making them more useless.  And after draining the Green Ranger powers after a couple of otherwise "standard schemes", he was just getting useless.  And probably his worst plan was to turn Kimberly into his evil queen which was probably lame brain but I seemed to take a guilty pleasure in writing villainous crushes.  Well the only time he really became a real threat was when he married Rita Repulsa but toning him down wasn't really necessary but still he had a dark aura, even when he's silly.

I would probably also dare mention another huge problem is Goldar becomes an idiot.  In season one, Goldar was obviously really a threat but in season two-three he is literally a joke.  I thought that I wanted him to keep his original him but he was really just decaying to a comic relief after Lord Zedd took over.  And for season three, at first Rito Revolto was introduced as a threatening bad guy considering he freaking destroyed the Thunderzords but sigh... everything was going downhill after that!

I could probably add Tommy was really no longer the Tommy I used to like.  I would admit I used to like him better as the Green Ranger than the White Ranger.  I thought he was sucking real bad sooner than you think.  So yeah pretty much.

So pretty much just my two cents!  I'm just expressing my humble opinion.  Everyone's a critic huh?! XD


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