The Three Big Bads of the Space Sheriff Trilogy

We are introduced to three big bads who were the main enemies of Gavan, Sharivan and Shaider.  They have different methods in their quest to take over the Universe.  It's unknown whether or not they battled for some time but here they are those stuck in the wall villains:

Don Horror is the leader of the Crime Syndicate Makuu.  For one, I thought I just enjoyed the value of the show with him being the imposing big bad who was served by his agent Hunter Killer and Horror Girl who never spoke.  Things got pretty exciting for me during the second half of Gavan when his son San Dorva and his wife Kiba arrived to make things worse for Gavan.  So he banished Hunter Killer into outer space.  I thought that it's something that he never got mobile throughout the whole series.  While the final battle of Gavan with San Dorva was awesome, it was disappointing to see how Gavan finished off so quickly since I expected more from the big bad.  His head was cut, it floats and then wah!  But Gavan was a pretty cool series.

Demon King Psycho has a really creepy, ghostlike voice with his quest to use psychic attacks to take over the Universe.  Like Don Horror he is stuck to a wall again for we don't know what reason but he's not to be underestimated.  I guess this guy was pretty much paralyzed below but he can move his head and arms like Ragorn in Turboranger.  I thought he was probably the most grotesque one and is full of surprises.  He also used spheres which amplified his power and what makes him really imposing is that he uses an extension body known as Psychorror that unless the two are destroyed together, they will both just keep reviving each other.  I thought that having his secondary body known as Psychorror was also pretty much copied into Black RX with its character Tasmader.  Technically speaking he and Psychorror are the same person, only having two different bodies.

Kubilai is the final one.  He was a giant head mounted on a wall which probably makes his situation worse than the other two.  So okay I don't really like Shaider as much as Gavan and Sharivan but I'll give him some credit.  We do learn later that hew as beheaded by the original Shaider thousands of years ago and he was forced to raise his transvestite grandson Poe.  What happens later is that Kubilai has a mechanical body to replace his old body which was separated from him and later destroyed by the second Shaider.  In the finale, he was left with only but his head which Shaider thrusts his third eye with the laser blade, killing him.


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