A Detailed Comparison of Tekken and Virtua Fighter

Tekken and Virtua Fighter frequently enter into the fan wars.  I just thought I'll do a detailed comparison of the basics, plots and so on so people can understand the differences:

Button layout and fight system- Virtua Fighter has the basic Punch, Kick and Guard button (which for me, I prefer blocking by holding back but that didn't stop me from playing MK!) while Tekken has a button for each limb namely the left punch, right punch, left kick, right kick buttons.  Virtua Fighter sounds more accessible than usual while Tekken is accessible but goes pretty deep.  For Tekken the whole limb for each button is different for each character depending on fighting style rather than just merely hitting with which limb (this was copied into MK 2011).  Virtua Fighter provides some fun combos but Tekken really is more than just a game of rock/paper/scissors, it actually gets deeper after some time of being accessible.  Tekken is pretty popular for that!  Tekken usually modifies Virtua Fighter, then they end up copying each other like Nina is obviously a Sarah clone, Taka-Arashi is obviously a Ganryu clone.

Looking at the graphics, even Tekken 1 had better graphics than Virtua Fighter 1-2.  Virtua Fighter featured 3D graphics but was horrendous imo, being all blocky while Tekken tried to make it more realistic (but it was pretty goofy but MUCH better).  Also, Tekken has a deep sci-fi story compared to Virtua Fighter.  And I would say blocky!  That's what I don't like about the graphics.  Tekken for me has smoother controls and well, Tekken 3 did the revolution!  Virtua Fighter 4 did try a whole new graphic system and it was no longer a Sega only game.  Try comparing Tekken 3's graphics with Virtua Fighter 3's graphics.  Virtua Fighter 4 has great display though.  Designs in Virtua Fighter 4 and up were pretty good actually.

You cannot deny Tekken is both quantity and quality.  Virtua Fighter lacks a character roster that Tekken has.  I mean play Tekken 2 up to Tekken Tag 2, you have a HUGE roster.  And I mean, huge.  You can also think of Tekken being a game full of cool content, secrets, bursting with secrets.  I was thinking Tekken became a role model of what 3D graphic fighters should be and I'm glad Mortal Kombat 2011 learned from this- after all Ed Boon is a Tekken fan!  I was thinking in Tekken 2 up to 5, it was fun finishing the game and unlocking their personal sub-bosses.  In Tekken 1, it was more fun playing as the hidden characters in VS. Mode since they didn't have endings.  Tekken has a huge storyline of interesting stuff like the Mishima curse and the Devil gene.  Virtua Fighter focuses too much on Dural storyline which is for me, quite bad.

One thing that pisses me off also is that why Virtua Fighter doesn't have character endings to go with it?  I mean they had it with Virtua Fighter Kids, why can't they keep it?!  So far, Tekken presents cool most of the time 3D rendered FMV videos (except Tekken Tag Tournament 1 endings were stupid but it was a great game), you can't wait to beat the game to see them all.  Tekken 1 only had endings for the regular characters but the rest of the games had them for almost every character (you don't see them in the arcade version though).  Part of Tekken series' unlockables are the cool character endings which I wish were also done in MK 2011 rather than d the Killer Instinct type of ending.  Rendered cutscenes for the finale?  Cool.  Virtua Fighter series for me really provides no motivation to beat the game with every character, maybe except for trophies in the PS3 game Virtua Fighter 5.

So pretty much, I'm a bigger fan of Tekken.  But I still respect Virtua Fighter fans nonetheless.


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