Bass and Zero as Dr. Wily' s Self-Made Counter-Megaman Robots

Dr. Wily obviously thought he needed to counter Megaman so he decided to create a counter-Megaman.  So let's take a look at them...

The first counter Megaman robot is Bass himself.  Dr. Wily created Bass and Treble as evil versions of Megaman, to deceive Megaman and then he stole the blueprints of the S-Adapt upgrade.  Bass could merge with Treble to form Super Bass which has a really cool design.  The problem with Bass was that after Megaman 7, he was basically what you'd call a loner robot who refused to obey his own creator Dr. Wily.

Instead he was focused on simply becoming the strongest robot in history.  Megaman and Bass allowed the player to use him in a different storyline where Dr. Wily deceived him.  Although he is hinted to have some "justice energy" he denies it.  Though he had a charged shot in the Power Battle series, he however had a different buster gun that allowed him rapid fire bullets firing at several directions.  Disadvantage was he could not run and fire while he could actually double jump like Zero.

In fact, I even think he survived after Megaman under the new identity as Axl.  Axl is hinted to be a robot from 20XX, to which he COULD be Bass.  Both Axl and Bass almost play alike, are cocky and introduced in the seventh game.  Only that, Axl was a playable character who was a member of the Maverick group Code Red.  Unlike Bass, Axl joins the Maverick Hunters at the end of Megaman X7.

The second counter-Megaman was Zero.  Dr. Wily mentioned in Megaman 2: The Power Fighters that he was going to make a robot that would exceed both Bass and Megaman called Zero.  In Megaman X4 we discover in Zero's sidestory that Dr. Wily is "The Doctor" who created Zero.  Zero started out pretty cruel and maniacal, even fought with Sigma which it is hinted, he is Dr. Wily's successor so maybe a couple for robots were made by Zero.  Since there was no incident whatsoever that hinted Megaman and Zero fought, it was possible that when Megaman was either rebooted into X or a new robot was created, Dr. Wily had his own plans. So the possibility is Dr. Wily who could not control Zero at first, shut him down and perhaps programmed him to take over his operations if he ever died.

In Megaman X, Serges a robot based on Dr. Wily knew of Zero's blueprints.  Later Isoc another robot who presumably had Dr. Wily's memories, called Zero the 'strongest robot'.  Though too bad that the Isoc/Serges/Wily connection was not very emphasized.  I mean, Zero was revealed in X4 to be Dr. Wily's creation.  Megaman X can't remember Wily considering that Dr. Light erased his past life from his memory.  In fact, X4-X5 focused on Zero's past with Dr. Wily as well.


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