Game Review: The Megaman Collection Series

The Megaman collection series.  Well there are two of them namely the first Megaman series and second, the X series.  I was glad Capcom before it became Crapcom for not going through Megaman Legends 3 (really that game should be the Megaman series' finale just as Command Mission was a good exit for X series), you will be able to get a lot of classics in one pack.  I mean some people may have had a NES but didn't get an SNES (I never had one so to be honest, I only played SNES games on emulator).  I had a Playstation 1 and Playstation 2 back then.  Now for the game rundown.

Megaman Anniversary Collection composes of a legitimate multicart with games from Megaman 1-6 for the NES, Megaman 7 for the SNES and Megaman 8 for the Playstation 1.  So yeah you'll play Megaman 8 with fast loading times.  On the other hand, I felt so gushy when I was able to play Megaman 7 on the PS2 since I never played it on the SNES and Megaman 2 and 4, which were games I was never able to play on the NES before.  For me, my NES is basically good as dead and it's good to play old fashioned games on a new fashioned system.  Unlike the NES, the controls of the Megaman series has the layout of the PS1 instead.  Triangle though served as "turbo fire" which if held down, fired rapid shots for Megaman 1-6 but not in the rest of the games.

So my experience with Megaman 7 is that it's a fun game, better than its successor Megaman 8.  And of course, I had a clearer picture of Bass' origins as a villain turned anti-hero.  You can also unlock the two Megaman arcade games called Megaman the Power Battle and Megaman the Power Battle 2.  So yeah, I get to enjoy it with unlimited continues without worrying about dropping yet another quarter into an arcade machine like I used to playing them at the arcade.  So in short, it's a take home arcade game!  On the other hand, Megaman 2 is frustratingly difficult yet it didn't stop the game from becoming popular.  Megaman 3, 5 and 6 were games I played on the NES back then which I am now able to play again.

Now it's time for X.  While I've played Megaman X3-6 in the PS1 (which were included here), I was glad to be able to get hold of Megaman X1-X2 here since as said, I didn't have an SNES back then.  So the feeling of being able to play the first Megaman X game and the second one, made me think of getting a rush back into the past.  For me Megaman X1 and X2 are both decent throwbacks but I would admit I just used the Full Armor, Full Life cheats because most of the items are so ridiculously hard to get.  Megaman X also featured some events that change depending on the sequence you had taken like beat Chill Penguin, Flame Mammoth's stage will run out of fire which its concept was not repeated.  X2 well, it did bear some hints Dr. Wily may have returned as a robot but too bad, it wasn't fully explored.

Should I mention there's the unlockable Battle and Chase?  Finish Megaman X1-X3 and Battle and Chase becomes unlocked.  I didn't play Megaman Battle and Chase before, it's not all that fun but for diehard Megaman fans it doesn't matter all that much.

So really, if you are probably missing some games, buy these two games!


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