How to Write Power Rangers Judd Lynn Style

Here's how to write Power Rangers, Judd Lynn style:

1.) Not really copying too much from the source. Judd Lynn has originality in some of his works like how PR in Space differs so much from Megaranger, Lost Galaxy differs so much from Gingaman, Time Force actually had potential with its mutant/human war (which later, Kamen Rider Faiz had that plot). However he seems to have a habit of copying from past Sentai works instead. PR in Space had Astronema as a Shiima based villain, PR Lost Galaxy felt a little of Flashman while Trakeena felt like Ahames in Changeman in terms of cruelty. Lightspeed Rescue kept its rescue theme but removed the whole family theme.

2.) Darker and edgier. He tends to write darker works though because he's a Power Rangers writer, one might consider this. When he took over PR Turbo's second half, things started to get more serious. In PR in Space, one main protagonist namely Zordon met his end though he did allow Astronema to return back to her old self. In PR Lost Galaxy, Kendrix was actually killed but later resurrected due to executive meddling. In PR Time Force, he wrote the human/mutant conflict which was non-existent in Timeranger though Timeranger still has better execution but both are good shows.

3.) Loads of conflict. Like Kobayashi and Inoue, he really kinda has a love for conflict. PR in Space presents the conflict when Astronema is revealed to be Andros' long lost sister brainwashed and crazy. PR Lost Galaxy had the conflict of Trakeena against the space pirates or herself or you might talk about Leo vs. Kai since Kai is a JERK. PR Lightspeed Rescue did carry on the sibling rivalry from Gogo V (well thank the footage). PR Time Force had the conflicts similar to Timeranger and of course, Ransik and his daughter Nadira.

4.) Finales that are passable to plain bad. PR in Space's finale is ONE HUGE MESS and you know it. PR Lost Galaxy's finale felt like a backyard battle. PR Time Force's final battle against Ransik felt more like a cat and mouse chase and I mean, come on Ransik's already gone too far and suddenly he has a change of heart? Which of course, either executive meddling or like Toshiki Inoue, he is LAZY with finales. Power Rangers RPM's finale felt really bland compared to Go-onger's and you still have a left hanging ending- compare Venjix's survival to the Orphnoch King in comatose. Only passable ending is Lightspeed Rescue.


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