Power Rangers Ninja Storm: A Decent PR Season

Although I like Hurricanger better but Power Rangers Ninja Storm got handling an Asian themed show for an American audience better done than Power Rangers Samurai.  Disney wasn't sucky until the Kalish era came which I don't even think Power Rangers SPD was really a one shot wonder, but it did succeed but the rest of Kalish failed.

Most of the time it's a decent cast.  So pretty much, I would say that the cast is likable.  My only problem with the show are Mara and Kapri.  On the other hand we have Jason Chan here who plays the role of both Oboro Hinata (as the sensei's child) and later the sixth ranger which can be credited for trying to be a bit different aside from opening an interracial ninja school.  Jason Chan's character Cam later discovers he is related to Lothor which adds conflict in a supposedly lighthearted season.  Compared to Hurricanger, this was a lighter show but still enjoyable nonetheless.

On the other hand Tori Hanson here is my guilty pleasure.  Good thing Sally Martin can act.  Sure she's not as hot as Nanami Nono but still, I give her credit.

Most of the villains are decent except for Mara and Kapri, who are also Lothor's nieces.  For me, Lothor really can fight even if she's somewhat comedic but hey, he can fight.  I wanted him to be scarier but U.S. standards can't allow it.  But still, the villains here still do a good job in convincing us they're trying to take over the world.

Just my two cents!


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