Remembering Resident Evil 3

So I'll admit I usually suck at survival horror games.  Well I did remember playing this game having gotten game over many times thanks to the Nemesis.  Yeah, the Nemesis was an utterly frightening creature and I would dare admit that, I wanted to slam down the game.  This was also my first Resident Evil game only having played the first after this... funny but true.  And I would say this game also proves why Jill Valentine beats almost everyone including Chris Redfield who just annoys me.

The Nemesis for me is ONE incredibly annoying boss.  I mean, he just refuses to die and that's why he's my favorite Umbrella biological weapon.  He stalks Jill Valentine the whole game which he is, well hard to beat.  You might as well consider saving if you plan to beat him.  I mean, he beats up huge damage and in mere seconds, you can be good as dead.  In fact, I later dared to cheat using Gameshark just to beat him for fun!  I had my thoughts Nemesis is one FREAKING bastard!

When the game is beaten, you get the bonus game called "The Mercenaries" which I suggest playing through.  Use Gameshark if you like, like get some awesome cheats to get a high score then get Infinite Ammo and Rocket Launcher.  Believe me, you'll later get your revenge on Nemesis (for ruining your life in the first game) with the Infinite Rocket Launcher which can beat him in TWO HITS and well, with infinite ammo blow all the zombies and get your well-deserved revenge!


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