The Marvel Super Heroes Fighting Game

One of the best classic fighting games back before Capcom became Crapcom for not giving Megaman a proper finale before ending the game series, there was one of the games I enjoyed called Marvel Super Heroes.  There were ten selectable characters and two hidden bosses.

For a start you get six heroes and four villains.  The heroes are Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, Hulk, Ironman and Psylocke.  The villains you can initially play as are Magneto, Juggernaut, Shuma Gorath and Blackheart.  The game itself has various special moves, air combos and the super meter.  When the super meter reaches at least one level (Shuma Gorath's only reaches one level and the others have three levels), one can execute the Infinity Super which is a damaging move.  But make sure it connects.  Trying to connect combos and Infinity Super to gain a high score was really fun.

Aside from that, you also had the Infinity Gems.  These are Soul (life restoration), Power (increases attack power while having strange effects on other characters), Mind (powers up super meter fast), Time (increases speed), Space (gives super armor, Magneto gets a powerful force field) and Reality (gives some weird objects.  Too bad they were only one use.  After you use them, you lose your high score so make sure you hit hard with them when you have them.

Dr. Doom serves as an annoying sub-boss with all his Photon Chunks, Molecular Shield and the Photon Array.  Sheesh I hate being countered with his anti-air.  On the other hand, Thanos can be pretty difficult considering his meter charges up real fast, he has SIX Infinity specials which all cause MAJOR damage.  Upon defeating Thanos, one gets a different character ending.  I just wished that depending on the way youn defeat Thanos that he will either erupt or fall into lava like Eyedol did in Killer Instinct.

Heroes will restore the heroes trapped in stone (Drax, Nova, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Thor) while villains will use the gems.  In the home versions, both Dr. Doom and Thanos become cheap playable characters that easily rank up points too.

Too bad the game never had a sequel.


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