The Power Rangers Movies

No mistake I'm a Power Rangers fan, both of them did click to me for shallow reasons but I am still thinking of these two films.  First the MMPR movie (non-canon) and the second, the officially canon Power Rangers Turbo movie (which sadly gave birth to a worse series, not even Judd Lynn's interference helped).

First I'd like to rant about the MMPR movie which was an alternate way of telling the Ninjazord arrival.  It was one cheesy movie with metallic armor instead of spandex, overly relying on CGI and one villain named Ivan Ooze who is hardly convincing as the "ultimate evil".  It was basically for me, just but fanservice to me.  Which I was thinking about the movie had a bad script.  So really, all too predictable which seemed nice at first, but the whole movie was for me fairly average.  Nothing awesome, nothing hateful.

But here comes the worse, the Turbo movie.  Yeesh!  I just thought this video will tell you my thoughts of the movie that nearly killed Power Rangers back then!

Now only if Japan has its own version of Doug Walker to make funny reviews of Japanese shows.  Aside from that, I'll spell a LOT and I mean a LOT of things I hated about this movie:

  • The whole Justin suddenly becomes a ranger is too random.  Zordon was already idiotic to just choose random teenagers as if fated by birth.  Then again, Seelon in Turboranger for me felt idiotic to choose five teenagers instead of grown ups with fairy powers to become the Turborangers.  Now moving on, Justin is just POOR PLOT material.  I don't hate him, I hate the story crafted into him.  At least Kou in Dairanger had a REAL reason why he was Kibaranger!
  • The whole moving the Turbozords by BOAT thing.  That was utterly stupid.  Really I know this is a kid's show but come on, did they consider some teenagers and adults watch Power Rangers?!  
  • You might consider Jason and Kimberly for fanservice.  Both are wasted.  Suddenly it might be thought that they were written here as a couple.  I just thought I really, REALLY hated how this fanservice was  waste!
  • But you might want to watch this over Toshiki Inoue's two films "Kamen Rider the First" and "Kamen Rider the Next"... only bright side this film has!


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