Why I Just Can't Hate Power Rangers

It's annoying how Super Sentai fantards say that true Sentai fans should hate Power Rangers.  That's just wrong... I mean it's kinda like don't like it, don't watch it or I will still watch it because I like it.  And for one, I am thankful for Power Rangers fans who watch Super Sentai.  Now why I just can't hate Power Rangers no matter how much I like Super Sentai better due to my being yellow:

For one, Power Rangers is still no matter what, part of Toei even if Saban is the main producer.  I mean, Toei lists down Power Rangers in its inventory since Saban had permission to make Power Rangers based on Super Sentai.  And I would say it is still part of me nonetheless!  And I could still appreciate Judd Lynn's writing though he is definitely no Naruhisa Arakawa, just your average writer but hey, at least he's NO Shoji Yonemura!

Of course, Power Rangers came up with original ideas on screen that were later adapted by Super Sentai.  The Battlizer in Magiranger vs. Dekaranger was originally from Power Rangers SPD, the Shinkenger/Decade crossover is the actualization of a Sentai/KR crossover which happened in MMPR first. Power Rangers still has original ideas though I dislike the fact they created nuisance characters.  And then I ended up picking up Spike and turning him into Mako's admirer in my jokes.

So I'm just glad I overcame my Sentard days! =D


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