A Look Back at Harvest Moon: Back to Nature

Harvest Moon: Back to Nature was back when I had a PS1 which is sadly not operational anymore and it's not as durable as the PS2 (even the memory cards are busted).  So I thought I did have my fun playing this game and back then, Gameshark was still used so I did use some infinite codes to make my gameplay easier the second time around.

The whole plan is to get the farm to good shape in three years or you get the bad ending.  If you get the good ending, you can play indefinitely but... I'd rather actually restart the whole game after I've ended the game.  For me, I had to follow a Gamefaqs plan to survive without a Gameshark since money here is hard to find.  

Marriage is one part of the game which you can get only if you get all extensions.  So really, I would admit later I used an infinite lumber code to do this.  I married in the second year of the game, which I remembered I courted Mary and married her.  Okay why her?  I thought she was my type personality-wise even if she doesn't really look pretty.  Courting a girl can take time... for Mary every Monday she goes to Mother's Hill so I do some giving her flowers over there, then I proceed to get some bamboo to sell.  Which of course, it made me think that it requires patience.  But it sucks after marriage in a way that the child doesn't go beyond the crawling stage and that... she is just a zombie compared to the Harvest Moon 64 where the wife does some help.  If you are married, try befriending the other rivals for the other girls to see other marriages.  So far I've gotten all four bachelors to marry their girls in different game saves.

It's best to try and join some festivals.  I mean, you can actually get some benefits here.  For one, some of the Power Berries to extend stamina are found ONLY in the festivals.  Winning an animal competition gives you golden produce... which you need to raise their affections to full hearts though. 

In my own mind, Natsume should try to develop a remake of Back to Nature with a new title... with the same set of characters but more advanced settings.  And of course, a little bit of easier money!


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