Gatchaman, Gatchaman Inspiration Everywhere

Gatchaman is one of those early 70s Tatsunoko cartoon which I believed left an impact to the 80s and 90s.  Now for possible Gatchaman inspirations after Gatchaman:

The five piece super hero robot shows.  Combattler V, Voltes V and Golion basically have the leader, rebel, fat guy, woman and boy lineup.  Gatchaman had no robot but these guys had their combining robots.  The Super Robot shows came from Toei and so did Super Sentai.

Super Sentai does owe its inspiration from Gatchaman.  Goranger was the first one with the five agents riding a battle mecha, battling a Gallactor similar organization.

In Jetman, both Ryu Tendo and Gai Yuki were both frenemies like Ken Washio and Joe Asakura in Gatchaman.

Dr.Nambu may have become the inspiration of Super Robot Wars professors and Super Sentai scientist mentors.  Super Sentai male scientist mentors were common in Goranger, Battle Fever J, Goggle V, Dynaman, Maskman and Turboranger.

Gatchaman II featured in the midseason the female commander Sylvie Pandora. Although she didn't take the place of Professor Nambu but basically, she would have been an inspiration for Jetman's Aya Odagiri.  Miki Masaki may probably count as a Sylvie Pandora inspired character.

The ever stubborn Sosai in Gatchaman for all three series, would be an inspiration for some Sentai villains like Black Cross Fuehrer in Goranger and Fuehrer Tabo in Goggle V.

Count Egobossler was considerably more cruel than his predecessors Berg Katse and Gel Sadora.  I think he would have probably inspired Prince Sincline of Golion being classy villains and Jetman's over the top insane Radiguet.  Both Egobossler and Sincline were alcoholics, though the latter is more attentive to his assignments while Sincline is basically a depraved spoiled brat.  Radiguet had some class but was the most temperamental of the three.

Just my two cents!


  1. Goranger had no mech of their own, just a plane, the Variblune and then the Varidreen, if I'm not mistaken.


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