Judd Lynn and PR Finales

If Toshiki Inoue has usually bad endings Judd Lynn has them too.  And here's some of his endings:

Power Rangers in Space

The season is a huge mess and we know it.  Yet Judd Lynn brought in some character development and conflict into Power Rangers!  He made Power Rangers more serious!  Took some time before he entered!  But one can point out ALL the stupidity the finale has.  First you have the rather bland confrontation of Andros to Karone.  After Andros breaks Zordon's tube because of the latter's request we do see some anti-climatic ends.  Divatox just becomes good, Lord Zedd becomes human then dances with his now human wife Rita, the rest of the villains dissolve while others are left hanging.  And then the ending just leaves everything hanging.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Another of his better seasons but the ending is pretty where you get some huh.  So Trakeena acquires a new form, by standard in either Super Sentai or Power Rangers this should trigger the huge bell of a huge finale.  But nope, Judd Lynn makes his finale here pretty lame.  It looks too much like a regular street fight.  Then you have the Red Galaxy Ranger making a desperate move to beat Trakeena, who survives to PR Lightspeed Rescue before she is destroyed for good.  But either way, the final battle with Trakeena was pretty lame.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

Yet another finale where you go huh.  Let's credit the fact that this used more original footage but one might think, shouldn't have they just carried out GogoV's finale footage instead? So they do storm the castle to face the queen one more time.  In an anti-climatic demise, Diabolico appears to betray Queen Bansheera which leads to her defeat.  But at least this had a better wrap up.

Power Rangers Time Force

I would agree with Lavender Ranger that the finale was pretty rushed here.  So okay he did write a few things better than Kobayashi such as how Eric Myers took a shot for Wes instead of him taking a shot rescuing some birds.  Alex was anything but Ryuuya in the finale, I mean Ryuuya was selfish and Alex wasn't.  But here's one thing... the finale screws up!  After Ransik goes all crazy, he just changes his mind?  Considering he nearly killed Nadira but quite a blast should have killed her.  Also, Ransik suddenly turning himself in was for me, was one of the worst wrap-ups ever considering how crazy Ransik became as the series went on.

Power Rangers RPM

RPM was a season remembered for taking things at a serious direction.  Eddie Guzelian like Tyuyoshi Kida was fired from his job, Judd Lynn took over for the second half.  Again the finale is pretty rushed.  So after some standard battle against Venjix's minions and he is defeated, he is sealed away.  The ending hints that he is going to return.  It's no better than Faiz's finale as well.

Honestly I guess all that's required of Judd Lynn is to appear in the finale of one of his shows like this guy above...


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