Mei and Kimberly Compared

Here's a comparison of Mei and Kimberly.  So provided I've seen MMPR first, I will talk about Kimberly before I'll talk about Mei.  But I'll just compare Kimberly during the first season with Mei for a closer comparison.

Kimberly appears to be a ditzy valley girl who evolves during the series.  She is the pretty popular girl in school but despite that, she is close to her friends.  Although she starts off seemingly self-centered but she is actually friendly and kindhearted.  Plus she loves children.  It was fun to see her relationship with Tommy which sadly got written off much later thanks to bad writing.  Sigh, MMPR should have ended after Doomsday and... well but I guess Toei and Saban is controlled by their desire for core models ahem money.

For Zyuranger, it gave me some things to be shocked at or not.  For things in common with Kimberly, both of them are fond of children.  However Mei is more different.  Unlike Kimberly who is your normal teenager who one day becomes a ranger, Mei is a warrior princess so she can kick the former's ass faster.  Mei is a real expert archer compared to Kimberly.  Also, it shocked me to learn she and Burai never had a relationship which won't work anyway.  I mean it's crack unless character development happens but provided Burai is 31 years old and Mei is... well 18 or what?  The age gap is kind of big as well.  Plus she had a rivalry with Lami which Kimberly had with Scorpina.  I just thought since MMPR was too footage reliant back then, it would be hard for Kimberly to fight Scorpina out of suit.


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