Power Rangers: Some Ways It Differentiates From Its Super Sentai Counterpart

If Power Rangers just kept copying/pasting, it will be utterly boring which sadly happens too much lately.  I mean, it's just pretty a waste of time if it's just copy/paste.  Now for some ways it differentiates to make the adaptation a more unique experience:

Change of motif between two shows.  MMPR didn't copy the dinosaur theme but instead, had Turboranger's "recruit teenage with attitude" trope codifier in its place.  Other shows that followed the motif were also its two succeeding seasons, Zeo, PR in Space, Lost Galaxy and RPM.

Making sure your characters are NOT always matching the Super Sentai counterparts.  Aside from the "she's male in Japan" done during Saban era, presumably because of cultural difference, one can also see some differences.  For example, some rangers between here and there are opposites.  For example, Billy is a nerd while Dan would be bored with stuff Billy loves.

Making PR exclusive villains.  It's fun when Power Rangers tries to create its own footage as well, not just overly rely on what Toei allows Saban to use.  For one, some of the best villains were Trakeena in Lost Galaxy who I believe can still be a threat to the Gingamen, Ransik in Time Force, Master Org in Wild Force, and Lothor in Ninja Storm (in Tao Zanto's place).

Keeping the motif while changing some plots for the U.S. version.  Timeranger was Time Protection Agency trying to capture renegade ALIEN FORCES.  In Time Force, it changes the monsters from aliens into mutants which Ransik, the PR exclusive character, is the big bad instead of Dolnero's counterpart Gluto.  Having Time Force's mutant/alien war makes things interesting for PR Time Force without having to compare too much to Timeranger.

Just my two cents!


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