The Evil Energy in the Megaman Series

One of the more evil forces in Megaman (more specifically during the X series), is the Evil Energy.  It started in Megaman 8 when the Megaman franchise took a more serious direction, with Dr. Wily becoming more manipulative and cruel.  Now for the Evil Energy.

The possible origin of the Maverick Virus was from Megaman 8 which was the form of "Evil Energy".  Duo had called at as such.  It's hinted at that this point, Dr. Wily had become pure evil since it easily reacted to Dr. Wily, spreading malice.  In fact, I even think it was responsible for the Roboenza in the download only Megaman 10.  In Megaman 10, Treble got infected with the Roboenza as well.  The Roboenza may be the Maverick Virus in the X series.

Megaman 8 also featured Bass using the Evil Energy to power up so he can defeat Megaman.  The Evil Energy gave Bass a newer, meaner form that he believes would allow him to beat Megaman.  Yet in that moment, he didn't go berserk even if Megaman beat him.  So Bass probably has some free will in him, he can go Maverick or not at will.  Which again, I believe this could support my Axl is Bass theory.  Axl could not be infected by the Maverick Virus, same with Zero.

Dr. Wily created Zero somewhere in between.  Although not touched upon in Megaman 9 and 10, it was touched on in Megaman The Power Fighters 2 with Bass' ending.  So while Bass had Bassnium, Zero is possibly powered by Bassnium, based on Bass and the carrier of Roboenza.  I mean, the Roboenza may have caused Zero to have a "flaw" not to immediately respond to Dr. Wily.  It's highly possible that Dr. Wily had placed some of his knowledge in digital format so when Zero awakens, he will continue Dr. Wily's work. In Megaman X5, an enemy called the Zero Virus was born.  Also, Zero is not affected by the Sigma Virus at all.

Sigma fought Zero early on.  Here Zero is presented to be that "Red Maverick" which presumably, he was probably taking over his "father's" position.  After Sigma escaped a near death encounter because Zero had a "seizure".  Sigma punched Zero's crystal where the "W" flashed, presumably Sigma got hit by the Roboenza.  Maybe Sigma already did plan to betray the Maverick Hunters while the Roboenza/Maverick Virus actually made his treachery worse increasing his sadism.  In Megaman X5, the Sigma Virus was born suggesting that Sigma actually managed to modify the Evil Energy for his own convenience.  With Duo's theory of the evil energy, Sigma being now purely evil, more evil than his predecessor Dr. Wily, hence the birth of the Sigma Virus.

And maybe the Evil Energy also gave birth to the Nightmare Phenomenon as well.


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