Why I Believe Cancelling Megaman Legends 3 Was Uncalled For

Sure Megaman Legends is a completely different Megaman from that of the regular Megaman to Megaman X storyline.  For one, people were awaiting for the whole "Elder System" thing that was activated and two, Megaman Volnutt's to be rescued from the moon.  It ticked me off to hear it was cancelled three years ago.  WTF Capcom?  Why cancel the game when the first two games were doing good?  Really, was this some conspiracy against Keiji Inafune?  I was thinking that Capcom used to be one of my favorite companies because the whole Megaman series was my favorite video game since I was little up to present.  I mean the Legends series was pretty solid and had good reviews, why on Earth should they even be so bad to get rid of the series?

Like it or not for Capcom, 100,000 people and more are strong for bringing back the project but so sad to say, Capcom has come to Crapcom with all its decisions.  That is a huge number.  If Capcom wants to make money, they should listen to their fans and make Megaman Legends 3 for the XBox 360 and PS3.  Really it disappointed me when I got my PS2, I started playing Megaman X7, Megaman X8 and Megaman X Command Mission but no Megaman Legends 3?  Really that's a real jerkass move.  In fact, I'm tired of hearing all their excuses because Megaman is still feasible and killing him while he's still feasible is a very bad move.  I mean, there was a lot of thrill left behind in Megaman Legends 2 about the Elder System and what could happen now that Elysium's system was shut down.  So yeah, a lot of questions were being put behind. Well that should give more than enough reason for Keiji Inafune the genius in Capcom to leave.   I mean come on, Capcom youa re losing a lot of fans with what you did.  Please listen and bring back Megaman Legends 3!


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