How Robert E. Howard May Have Reacted to the Conan Cartoon

Back then I had no idea that the Conan franchise was an adult one.  I just enjoyed the Conan cartoons never mind how silly it was (ex. serpent men just disappearing into the Abyss)... which got me into a culture shock over THIS Conan...

The 1982 Conan which was brutal and bloody... just like the Conan comics and novels.  Considering Conan the Adventurer is a kid's show it had to be sanitized to He-Man levels.  Conan in the cartoon is not an anti-hero, bloody, thief, womanizer, etc. but he is a highly upright character with the flaw of a bad temper.

And he dressed like this
I just wonder how Robert E. Howard will react to this guy... Wrath-Amon!  Wrath-Amon was pretty much a rehash of Thoth-Amon except he was a serpent man born from a lizard from the previous high priest of Set, Ram-Amon.  Wrath-Amon remains as Set's high priest but he is more or less goofy as the cartoon Serpentor, to the point of absurdity.  He is served by the serpent men, who instead of getting killed are merely vaporized back to Set's dimension.

With all the toning down of Conan for the child audience, I just thought if Robert E. Howard saw it, he might shoot himself again!


  1. I personally think that the characters from the comic books, original stories, the live action Conan movies and television series, and this cartoon could have had characters combined into an awesome beat-em-up game. I would have had Capcom do it, but, in all honesty, they kind of had been treading on that path a few times already with Knights of the Round, Dynasty Wars/Kenshi o Turau, Warriors of Fate/Kenshi o Turau II, The King of Dragons, and the Dungeons and Dragons games, so, despite lasting twice as long, as well as having a much bigger impact than Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, this game got left in the dust. Konami wouldn't touch this franchise, which is a shame, and no one else was big enough or courageous enough to make this game work. I would love to have had a six-player video game (though up to twelve characters could be chosen to play in the game, if not more) just like Komani's X-Men game, but, in addition to weapons-based combat, brawling could happen, just like in Warriors of Fate/Kenshi o Turau II and most other Capcom beat-em-up games.

    Here are the characters that could be chosen to play in this game: Conan, Zula, Greywolf, Sasha, Misha (both Sasha and Misha have different move sets despite both being werewolves of sorts), Snagg, Jezmine, Falkenar, Red Sonja, Kull (or Kall, it does not matter) , Lupalina, Tara, Murilo, Yusef, Belit, M'Gora, Tamira, Shubal, Akeba, Juma, Jamal, Karela (known as Kanusha in this game), Rufia, Santiddio, Chabela, Valeria, Muriela, Zenobia, Raihna, Subotai, Zala (Zula's sister in this video game, yet still based mostly upon the Zula that was in Conan the Destroyer movie and novel), Akiro, Malak, Bayu, Otli, Zzeban, Kainara (nee Karella), Draegen, Brynn, Navah, Conn (Conan II/Jr.), and Taurus.


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