How Time Force Deviated From Timeranger

Although Time Force sticks to time as the theme but there are some differences we may want to point out...

While Timeranger had the year 3000 occupied by both aliens and humans living on Earth (and yes, Dolnero is NOT a mutant), Time Force has a unique deviation in its own way.  Ransik the Time Force main villain is NOT an alien but a mutant born from a laboratory accident.  The criminals that Time Force arrests are renegade mutants whose counterparts are aliens in Timeranger.  Timeranger was more of an ancestor to Dekaranger and Power Rangers SPD.  Time Force imo may have been inspired by X-Men as well with the mutant/human war and quite coincidentally, Faiz had the human vs. Orphnoch war as well.  I hope producers at Toei will add a mutant vs. human war in Super Sentai after it was done in Kamen Rider Faiz.

Alex deviates greatly than Captain Ryuya who was that "I just want to live." type of character who can be debatable if he was a villain or not.  I mean you can't have Lucas kill him can you?  Another unique change here aside from Lucas' not having the Osiris syndrome, is that Lucas has a relationship with Jen in the distant future which Ryuya never had with Jen. While both are taught to be dead, both turn out alive.  Alex does not struggle with Time Force.  Instead, he actually allows them to go back to set things right which makes him better than that scumbag Ryuya.  I guess Judd Lynn despite the fact he wrote Lost Galaxy with a more serious setting or was also the man who killed Zordon in PR in Space, may have been pressured to write Alex differently over Ryuya.

Another plot removed from Time Force is that Lucas DOES NOT have a terminal disease compared to Ayase.  I just thought though maybe Judd Lynn wanted to give him cancer or something, but again executive meddling could be involved.  But I guess Time Force is better off without it.


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