Lost Galaxy Elements: Possible Elements from Other Tokusatsu

Judd Lynn apparently doesn't just take inspiration from just the previous Power Rangers series alone, it looks like he also took it from aside from the obvious Seijuu Sentai Gingaman, well probably Jonathan Tzachor (who's a lazy writer) also was involved as its producer:

Some metal hero influence.  Although Mirinoi is basically taking the Ginga Forest into a different galaxy but I can't help but think that the higher ups at the Terra Venture are like the Space Police.  Instead of metal heroes, they have rangers to help them.

The staff at Terra Venture may be comparable to the Galactic Police of the Space Sheriff Trilogy, though they were NOT a police force.  Since they are military, I was thinking of comparing it also to Flashman.  High Commander Renier is the first PR female commander like Aya Odagiri but she is way older considering her rank is higher than a commander.  

Changeman and Flashman.  PR in Space took a little bit of Changeman when it went into space, Lost Galaxy took the Changeman elements in a way.  For Flashman, Lost Galaxy can be closer to Flashman than Gingaman having gained powers from another galaxy.  

Trakeena apparently shares elements with Queen Pandora from Spielban and from Queen Ahames in Changeman. Both Trakeena and Ahames are cruel, manipulative, backstabbing and will do anything to achieve their goals even attack innocent civilians and their fellow comrades to get what they want.  Like Pandora, Trakeena also undergoes a transformation for the finale which in Trakeena's case was badly wrapped up.  Trakeena like Ahames becomes a game changing villain when she becomes more active, making the Lost Galaxy Rangers suffer as much as possible.


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