Power Rangers Villains I Thought Were Really Cruel

Power Rangers while most of the villains were pretty standard, some villains are pretty noteworthy for me namely:

Trakeena- If Power Rangers in Space copied Shiima's storyline into Astronema, don't forget this mean bitch who is similar to Queen Ahames of Changeman in how she deals with people around her.  She manipulates both heroes AND villains for her own benefit.  She lies a lot, she causes destruction without remorse, plus she never fails to come up with her cruel schemes to make the lives of the Lost Galaxy Rangers miserable.  She bullies her father's generals with her position, manipulates them to her bidding and does the same to others.  People who were victim of her treachery among villains are Treacheron and Villamax.  Towards the end, she goes crazy and mad with power.  She was determined to destroy Terra Venture in the state of madness, only to be stopped by Leo. She later returned in Lightspeed Rescue and was finally destroyed.  Truly a vile piece of scum!

Ransik- I would say this guy may even beat Dolnero's butt and be a threat to the Timerangers should he face them.  So he was born from a laboratory accident and was shunned by society.  At the same time, he copes up with his outcast status with the vilest means possible.  Even after Dr. Ferricks saved him, what did he do?  Rather than change his mind, he destroys the laboratory and then he later even forcs Frax (who is a rebuilt Dr. Ferricks) to battle the Time Force Rangers to the final end.  His only redeeming point however was his love for his daughter Nadira which made him surrender in the end after his near victory (bad wrap-up).

Queen Bansheera- Her cruelty usually sprang out from her Gogo V counterpart, Grandienne.  Like Grandienne, she is cruel and manipulative.  She would not care what happens to her own subjects (in Gogo V, they were her children).  She absorbed Vypra into herself to finally have her true form.  She would force Diabolico to destroy Loki just so she could win.  In a rather Judd Lynn style ending, Diabolico betrayed her which she was thrown down into Hell (which was different from how she was destroyed in Gogo V).  Unlike her Gogo V counterpart, she is NOT Minus Energy.  Judd Lynn gave her a karmic end when her son Diabolico dragged her to Hell, rather than copy/paste the Gogo V finale.

Master Org- While Wild Force has weak acting, this guy is really badass and cruel.  Master Org in the series is actually Viktor Adler, a human who had become resentful towards humanity.  He killed both Richard and Elizabeth Evans out of jealousy.  Before that, he swallowed the remains of the previous Master Org, became the second Master Org but because he had no horn, he had to create a fake one.  It didn't sit well with Jindrax and Toxica to take orders from a human, a human more cruel than they are.  He killed Retinax to protect his identity.  He also planned to kill Cole together with the others to prove he was out there for revenge.  He did temporarily lose his powers and was thrown off the cliff by Mandilok but that was not the end of him.  He did not die, instead he became a full Org.  He manipulated Jindrax and Toxica using Onikage. He returned and personally killed Mandilok out of sheer anger.  He also double-crossed Jindrax in hopes of getting revenge.  For one, even before he was an Org, he already was truly vile to the bone.


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