Prototype Reploids in the Megaman Series?

In the Megaman series, I was thinking though these are hints towards the Reploids (robots with free will like a human being) for the X series namely...

In Megaman 7, after defeating Dr. Wily, Megaman displays his own free will at a human level albeit at a Maverick level.  Megaman finally decides to break the Asimov's Law of Robotics (which was also applied in Megaman X for Reploids) in an attempt to kill Dr. Wily since no robot was allowed to harm a human.  Assuming Megaman X is the original Megaman rebooted (since no monument of the original Megaman exists in the X series until the Zero series), Dr. Light may have decided to delete Megaman's memories to avoid him from turning Maverick while upgrading him to X.  Compared to Protoman and Roll, he is far more advanced in his decision systems which may have triggered the creation of X, at the same time sealing X until the world was ready.

Bass is another one.  For one, it intrigues me how Bass does not fear Megaman and two, after Megaman 7 he actually has gone from villain to anti-hero.  He doesn't even obey his own creator Dr. Wily and chooses to join forces with Megaman for the reason of getting even, while wanting to be the best and get Megaman out of his way.  In Megaman 8, even after he used the Evil Energy on himself, he doesn't go berserk but remain in his personality as a pompous robot which could be a clue, Axl and Bass could be the same person though no official word is ever said for it like the Wily/Serges/Isoc connection.  Axl in Megaman X8 didn't go Maverick and is immune to viruses.  His endings in Megaman Power Battle games hints he has a free will of his own as well.

Zero was Dr. Wily's final robot (and greatest creation) and supposed successor (which ironically, he became Megaman X's best friend while Sigma took over Dr. Wily's post as the main antagonist), it was revealed Dr. Wily wasn't able to use him.  So with that in mind, Dr. Wily created another pompous robot named Zero, considering Zero is powered by Bassnium.  When Zero was first unleashed, he was an extremely cruel Maverick though he was never seen vocalizing prior to becoming a hero for the X series.  Also a bug occurred in between the fight of Zero and Sigma, which hinted that he was still processing all he needed to learn from his creator Dr. Wily's implant to replace him.  At the same time Sigma ended up downloading the data Dr. Wily intended for Zero's use.


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