The Copy Chip in Megaman Series

The copy chip was first mentioned in Megaman X7 or not?  I was thinking about Megaman series having hints towards the copy chip...

Megaman and Protoman are the first robots to copy the abilities of the robot masters but not their DNA.  Later Bass was revealed that he too like Megaman can copy the abilities of the robot masters.  They can only copy one ability though.

The Doc Robot was introduced in Megaman 3.  After defeating all the eight robot masters, you must fight the Doc Robots located in four accessible stages.  The Doc Robot was able to copy the ability of the Megaman 2 bosses.  Both Dr. Wily and Dr. Light created them, at this point Dr. Wily's fake reformation was not yet revealed until Dr. Wily stole Gamma for his own uses.

In the Megaman X series, Zero was introduced.  In Megaman X4, Zero was revealed to be able to copy the elemental abilities of the bosses rather than a selected weapon.  Somehow he was able to use these abilities into his saber attacks which varied against Megaman's use of robot master weapons.

In Megaman X7 we are introduced to Axl.  Unlike Megaman and Zero, he actually plays like Bass did in Megaman and Bass but he can't double jump but he can still dash while being able to hover over long distances.  Axl is revealed not only to be a master spy like Bass or that arrogant jerk, he is also revealed that he can also copy the forms of others.  Axl is a prototype which suggests he is from the last century model.  Assuming he is really Bass or used to be Bass, Dr. Wily may have given Bass the ability of the Doc Robots or Bass had the potential to shapeshift which never manifested until the X series.

Megaman X8 introduced the Guardroids which had Sigma's DNA in each of them.  Guardroids also were used to copy the DNA of the robot masters in X8 when they are fought a second time (which other Megaman games failed to offer an explanation why they were fought all over again).

Lumine and Redips had the copy chip, though in Lumine's case he is seen using the robot master abilities in full rather than shapeshifting and using them.  In Megaman X Command Mission, Redips has the copy chip which he used to imitate Spider (whether or not a separate Spider existed is not known).  So possibly, Redips killed Spider behind the scenes and copied the DNA for his own advantage.


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