Wily vs. Sigma as Main Antagonists

The Megaman series had Dr. Wily as the main antagonist.  The Megaman X series featured the much deadlier Sigma.  So let's see how these people operated within their time periods:

Dr. Wily was the big bad of the Megaman series who from Megaman 1-3 was basically more of a joke character.  However from Megaman 4 and onwards, he started getting serious and developing real plans to get rid of Megaman even if it means stealing alien technology (which he did in Megaman World V which nearly killed him when he revived the alien robot Sunstar).  In Megaman 4, he kidnaps Calinca, Dr. Cossacks' daughter.  In Megaman 5, he frames Protoman.  In Megaman 6, he creates the robot tournament under the alias of Mr. X hoping to crush Megaman for good.  In Megaman 7 he was well prepared for his arrest, even created his "firstborn son" Bass to get rid of Megaman, though Bass frequently rebels and has dropped from villain to anti-hero.  In Megaman 8, he uses the Evil Energy which continues its work in Megaman 9 (framing Dr. Light) and Megaman 10 with the Roboenza.

However in spite of Dr. Wily's cruelty, he has a few redeemable traits.  For one, in Megaman 10 he did leave the cure to Roboenza at the ending.  Also, he is shown to care about his creations maybe until later.  For one, he does still care about Bass (and later, Zero).  I mean when Zero wasn't easily controllable, he chose to put Zero in a sealing capsule rather than destroy him.  I personally thought it was getting interesting with him having redeemable qualities.  However there no information on how Dr. Wily ever died.  All that was known was that he died sometime later (maybe because of old age) and Zero is his final creation.

For Sigma, he is Dr. Cain's most advanced Reploid.  Whether or not he had alien technology like Duo in Megaman 8 is unknown but he was certainly or supposedly the most advanced one.  He once led the Maverick Hunters together people like Vile (who was once named Vava), Chill Penguin and Storm Eagle to name a few.  He did have a history with Zero which was revealed in Megaman X4 provided you are playing as Zero.  Whether or not the Evil Energy was necessary for his being evil is unknown.  All that was known he became power hungry with his own decision making, started the rebellion and the events of Megaman X begins.  He may have also had data of Dr. Wily retrieved when the Evil Energy entered into his system, and since he is really malevolent, the Sigma Virus was later born.

Compared to Wily who always begs for mercy, Sigma always exists with a bang and then comes back through some unknown means.  In X4, it's never mentioned how he survived the events of Megaman X3 after Dr. Doppler supposedly neutralized him.  Looking at his plans, he starts a huge rebellion that had caused several casualties plus he has no qualms sacrificing his own comrades to achieve his goals.  In Megaman X3, he manipulates Dr. Doppler into working for him.  In Megaman X4, he started a war between the Maverick Hunters and the Reploids which led to a lot of deaths, even didn't care about his double agent Double whether he lived or died.  In Megaman X5 he sought to crash the whole Eurasia colony into Earth just so Zero could be awakened from his "false self" aware of Zero's original destiny.  In Megaman X7 and X8, he tries to bring "evolution to a new level".  Which after he manipulated so many people, Lumine double crosses him causing his what could be, his karmic end.


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