X-Gene Confusion in X-Men?

There is really no explanation in X-Men whether or not the X-Gene is really dominant or recessive or how it suddenly comes out. Here's some of the mutant/human relationships in a family:

Summers Family

From the Summers' family tree, Cyclops and Havok are mutants while they have both human parents and human grandparents (father side). Even the later third Summers' brother Vulcan (who was turned into a villain thanks to Shiar) was also a mutant. So where did their mutant genes come from? All that is known as that Cyclops' descendants in most timelines are mutants. Cable his son by Madelyne Pryor (the Jean Grey clone) is a mutant, Rachel Summers is a mutant, Stryfe the clone of Cable is a mutant and Tyler his grandson (which is genetically speaking by Stryfe) is a mutant. The Guthries are mostly normal human while having mutant children.

Mutants born from either one parent is normal human:

David Haller is the illegitimate son of Professor Xavier and a human woman. Wolverine also had various illegitimate children by human women.

Magneto had two different women in his life. First his late wife Magda who was purely human and they had mutant children namely Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. Magneto wasn't aware he was their father until later. He also had an affair with another human woman and had a daughter named Polaris. Strangely Polaris was also pretty powerful. Later in the Twelve, Magneto and Polaris represented the unity of father and daughter. Well what was also weird that later, Scarlet Witch's two mystical children who supposedly ceased to exist were later reborn as flesh and blood mutants, inheriting the powers of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

Mutant parent/s with human children:

Before Mystique had a child by Azazel namely Nightcrawler, she had a son by Sabertooth named Graydon Creed. How Graydon Creed was a normal human a son of both mutants is left totally unexplained unless you consider it that his grandfather was a human and he had one human uncle. So far, it wasn't known why the x-gene was cancelled out but regardless, both normal humans and mutants are still human nonetheless. Most mutant to mutant pairings result to mutant children, Graydon Creed is probably the only exception to the rule for now. Then again, a dominant X-Gene from Mystique and a recessive human gene may have also been responsible for a human offspring.

Luna is the child of Quicksilver a mutant and Crystal an Inhuman. So the x-genes and inhuman genes canceled each other out, resulting to a normal child for both. Only later did she awaken her powers by the Terrigan mists. She was considered an abomination. Her existence was ironically embraced by her paternal grandfather Magneto even if she was a normal human.


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