Harvest Moon: Innocent Life

Harvest Moon: Innocent Life is a futuristic version of Harvest Moon for the PS2.  What makes this game unique from the other Harvest Moon games I've played is that it actually follows a story.  The main character is not a human but a robot sent by Dr. Hope, to test this "Innocent Life" model which he must have his maintenance on Sundays.  Like Save the Homeland, it does not have a marriage feature either.

He must also unlock hidden secrets by opening doors in the fields by connecting four crystals of the same color to do so.  Whenever a field is unlocked using four crystals of the same color (it must be forming a square and no spaces in between), certain doors are unlocked to progress the story.

Certain events must be followed in order to save the village from the imminent wrath of the Fire Spirit which I did.  Not doing so will cause a bad ending to happen.  Every event leads to the story's progress.  I also love the event that leads to getting Forte the robot to help in the farm, though don't be too dependent on him.  He's not all that reliable even if he can actually help out the stress.

One must train one's self before being able to get to use higher tools aka gain experience my using lower tools on the field.  I did so my practicing daily even if I didn't plant anything yet.  I thought it was pretty "exhausting" at first but it does get fun.  Compared to Back to Nature or previous Harvest Moon games, you don't get idle in winter either because you can actually plant, but you need to gain experience and gain the Monsoon Watering Can (use also the water from the animal shelter) to be able to do so.

For me, following the events of the game reveals the relationship of the spirits of the island.  The Tree Spirit, the Water Spirit and the Fire Spirit.  Each one was interconnected and that the Fire Spirit was angered at the laxness of the town.  Following the events would lead one to reach certain places to get certain stuff, which aside from progressing the story, leads one to get some really cool stuff for the farm for later use since the game can still be played after the quest is completed.


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