How Kamen Rider Black RX Should Have Been Written

As much I as still enjoy Kamen Rider Black RX but there are issues to actually point out.  Now how I think it should have been written:

Link more to the previous season that is Black.  Since Black RX is a sequel to Black, why not at least try to link it back much more?  Give some explanation towards Kyoko and Hitomi even if the actresses can't be found?  Or at least, remember them.  They were never mentioned again in Black RX.  I would actually close the gap between Black and Black RX to a matter or a month or maybe even a week when Crisis began its invasion.

Give a more proper explanation how Shadow Moon was restored to life.  I mean, he was supposedly dead in Kamen Rider Black but was found later, to be still living.  Maybe explain the King Stone kept him alive.  Also provide more reasons for his return or make it more intense.  I know I find him pretty bland as an evil rider, but still the conflict could have been continued.  I mean, what if Shadow Moon stayed longer and was now under Crisis control?

Give links between Crisis Empire and Gorgom.  That is, maybe provide a link story between both  of these organizations or to how they even knew of Kamen Rider Black.  Maybe, provide some history between them as rival organizations both masterminded by the same Great Leader.  I might also need to explain why some of Crisis' citizens cannot survive on Earth while the others can.  That is, give more explanation of their condition.

The relationship between Grand Lord Crisis and his extension body Tasmader as well as the Great Leader.  I would personally link the Grand Lord Crisis as the real force behind all organizations, that he was born from the negative energy of both Crisis and Earth.  I might actually also give out the revelation where Grand Lord Crisis will reveal that he has used Tasmader as his spy all along.  And that, for a better finale, make it like Sharivan's finale.  Tasmader and Grand Lord Crisis have to be destroyed together (since they are technically one consciousness) to destroy the one consciousness forever.

Give the Kamen Riders more role for the finale.  It would have been the perfect chance to wrap things up showing how the Great Leader manipulated even humanity for his convenience, that he has the ability to transfer his spirit or has been using decoys to troll the Kamen Riders.  They might as well explain Badan, Government of Darkness, Garanda, Gedon, Shocker, Destron, Shocker, Dogma, Gin Dogma were all influenced by Grand Lord Crisis behind the scenes and that Crisisians have been around for some time.  Maybe link the Great Leader to Gorgom as well, revealing that the "giant heart" was just another decoy.

I just thought I might have Grand Lord Crisis fight the all the eleven riders and he brings Tasmader along with him.  He reveals that he can use Tasmader as his extension and that the two must be destroyed simultaneously.  To make matters worse, he summons all Great Leader incarnations to make the battle more intense.  He tells them that he wanted to conquer Earth all along to be his new Crisis base, justifying it (or not) that what he's doing is to get rid of the human race.  Maybe part of the plot would also involve the Kamen Riders managing to destroy all his incarnations together in a dangerous attack before they all leave.


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