Cloning in the Summers' Clan

One of the most bizarre events in the Marvel Universe is cloning.  Spiderman had a clone named Ben Reilly... now the Summers' Clan had clones too namely...

Madelyne Pryor was the clone of Jean Grey and the "daughter" of Mr. Sinister.  When Mr. Sinister failed to get Jean Grey under his custody when she was a child, he did get her blood sample.  He created Madelyne Pryor years ago, but was disappointed that his experiment did not manifest any mutant powers and seemed to be just a normal human.  He did put her away but until one day, the Phoenix Force ascended into her somehow giving her a life of her own, which she was even able to get pregnant with Cyclops.  She was given a false set of memories, Mr. Sinister used her as a back-up for Jean Grey which he hoped that his "daughter" and Cyclops would conceive their child.

For Madelyne, she had no idea of who she was and her own "father" planned to betray her.  She was more of a tragic character when Cyclops married her just because she resembled Jean Grey.  She got pregnant with their son who she gave the name "Nathan" at the subconscious suggestion of her "father" Mr. Sinister.  Later her own "father" would attempt to have her killed and get her son.  If Cyclops had not left her, she would not have entered into tragedy and vulnerability.  S'ym entered into her, took advantage of her state and turned her into the Goblin Queen.  The strain on Madelyne Pryor even after her first death, only made her a mother forever estranged from her son Cable even after they met, when she met her son now much older than he was.

Another clone was Stryfe.  When Cable was infected by the techno-organic virus, Mother Askani ordered the Askani Sisters from 2,000 years in the future to clone Nathan just in case he died.  However the future version of Apocalypse ended up taking him away, believing he was the true child of Summers.  Perhaps the future version of Apocalypse believed that he was the true son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, deeming him worthy.  Remember that Apocalypse in the past, infected Nathan with the techno-virus and probably, it was done to see whether or not the latter would be suitable for his host body.

Stryfe himself would be viewed as a dangerous character.  Apocalypse' future self taught him the ways of the survival of the fittest, which turned him into the dangerous Chaos Bringer.  Worse, Stryfe would believe himself for some time to be the true son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor and Cable as the clone.  This was because clones usually deteriorate.  Apocalypse' future self found out that his body was not that fit to house his essence, which left Nathan to defeat the warlord.  Later on, Stryfe would end up doing crimes that would end up framing Cable.  His rivalry with Cable was one that could not be discounted.  He might as well be Tyler's father, considering it was hinted that he raped Aliya and also claimed that Tyler was his son.

Nathaniel Grey/X-Man- He doesn't exist in the mainline but in the alternate reality called the Age of Apocalypse.  The AoA version of Mr. Sinister got the DNA of Cyclops and Jean Grey, somehow used them to create their "son".  The AoA version of Mr. Sinister named his "son" as Nathaniel Grey, Nathaniel after his real name and Grey, after Jean Grey.  Aside from Stryfe, he is what Cable could have been if it wasn't for the techno-organic virus.  In this reality, Cyclops was a henchman of Apocalypse but later turned against his master.  Nathaniel Grey ended up in the Marvel mainstream after the Age of Apocalypse dimension collapsed which also brought Holocaust with him.  Well the Marvel Universe is never your daily place so don't let the reality clashing get you too seriously... it's only fiction!

Nate Grey entered into the mainline continuity.  He was either viewed as a savior due to his healing powers or an abomination.  It was in this reality where he would meet Madelyne Pryor who he would begin what I'd consider incestuous.  Why do I say incestuous?  Considering Madelyne Pryor is Jean Grey's clone that would make Jean Grey the sister of Madelyne Pryor.  Stryfe considers himself Cable's brother even if he is his clone.  Based on family tree, Madelyne Pryor would be Nate Grey's maternal auntie.  I was practically disturbed by the fact that Nate Grey had a relationship on who could be his aunt or technically his own "sister" from the mainline (he was Mr. Sinister's "son" in AoA).  Really, this was just stupid, very stupid!


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