How My View of Kimberly Hart Affected Me Through the Years

I would like to talk about Kimberly Hart at a more personal scale.  That is just surrounded on me like how a person expresses his or her opinions to why he or she dislikes certain characters.  So here's what I started to think about her.  So I was really, REALLY attracted to her in spite of that weaker episode of "Different Drum" where she was shown to be an overly blunt character.  For some reason, she was really attracting me one way or another.  And even the first episode, I was already having the hots for her.  It was really stupid that I watched the show with her as the major reason and it did create a long impact

So I did have a crush in Hikaru Katsuragi who I only knew as "Kimberly" back then so I kind of got confused with why Kimberly was Kimberly in MMPR.  So I did have other Toku crushes such as Momoko but... I didn't think anybody makde that impact on me as Kimberly Hart.  And for that crush on a fictitious character, it did make me go to a slow U-Turn for life.  And what was that slow U-turn?  Made me think that I was trying to go away from my Chinese supremacist thinking to actually wanting a white girl.  I did become suicidal at one point, or two I wanted to kill my first crush to redeem myself and for what?  Nonsense values?  And then came my stupid transition in character liking.  Because originally I liked Billy but later...

Yup I changed from Billy to Tommy and for the sake of Kimberly.  Hehehehe... and this kind of made me want to kill the writers in Zeo for that Dear John letter.  I would admit it was one of the dumbest things to ever happen in my life.  And that's my reason to like a character?  No wonder when I grew up, I started to play the neutral card on Tommy.  I don't hate him but I've also grown not to like him like I don't like Gransazers or Justirizers.

So I had my thoughts what if I saw Zyuranger and MMPR at the same time as a kid.  So I did later discover Zyuranger... at age 15-16.  I started seeing Reiko Chiba pictures. Then I thought what if I saw Zyuranger at the same time? Maybe I would like Zyuranger better BUT I would probably be still watching MMPR for Kimberly even if I like the latter less.  In my case, after discovering Zyuranger and wanting to see more of it when I became a PR hater for a time, remembering Kimberly made me stop from my PR hating.

In between, I watched the PR Turbo movie excited about her BUUUUUT it was terrible.  So she was again wasted by bad writing and just too many changes.  Maybe I hated how Tommy and her were split but also a possible forced romance between her and Jason also happened. I thought she was wasted but the effect didn't really leave because  refused to let it leave.  I would dare take the blame and say because I still let it affect me.  Still, she was a good reason why I decided to go neutral with Power Rangers if I can't like it.

So I took my break from Tokusatsu but it was quite short.  So I would admit that I soon started seeing other pretty Tokusatsu girls.  Perhaps another overrated hottie is Jasmine from Dekaranger.  Maybe before Rin Takanashi, we have Ayumi Kinoshita as an overrated hottie.  There were others like Chisato, Nanami, Tori, Ranru, Kira and Sakura but NEITHER of them really imo, had that "unique beauty"... then again isn't beauty usually in the eyes of the beholder?!  Then again, I was thinking that I really wanted a Sentai/PR girl who would actually give me that kind of hots factor like Kimberly did in MMPR.

And well, I won't deny it but I ended up viewing Rin Takanashi as a second Amy Jo Johnson, which imo is more of a forced comparison by me, because they're both pink and gorgeous (gorgeous is in the eyes of the beholder because who's pretty for some may be ugly to me... hahaha).  And I was thinking about how Mako really, really pretty much filled that void for me for wanting another PR/Sentai girl who had the Kimberly Hart effect.  Not even Gia or Emma from Megaforce ever could fill that void for me.

Then again, I'm just being a crazy guy these days!


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