Power Rangers Should Not Be a Copy/Paste of Everything From Super Sentai

One of the biggest mistakes Power Rangers can do is to simply copy/paste from its parent show.  I mean, some seasons can be viewed as a "watered down" version of the show.  Judd Lynn is going to write PR Dino Charge and hopefully, he will set things right or not.

Let's discuss a few details shall we?

Power Rangers Samurai is one good example of copying/pasting and it just didn't make sense.  You have your cast, WRITE A STORY THAT FITS THE CAST.  The lack of an Asian red ranger means it's time to make a U turn and write a story to fit Jayden.  However Jayden gets treated like he's Asian when he is freaking NOT Asian.  He's obviously a white man.  And another, it's a multiracial team.  Copying/pasting the story of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger intot his show makes it an utter failure.

On the other hand, Judd Lynn was known to actually get some from the source THEN modify it.  I mean, Gingaman wasn't set in Space, Lost Galaxy by its title was set in space.  It was a uniquely different season that felt like taking elements from Changeman and Flashman.  Trakeena was an original villain that proved she could also be a threat to the Gingamen too.  During Judd Lynn's era and some of this predecessors, there was much original footage which prevented Power Rangers from splicing too much of Super Sentai footage for their series.

Time Force and Lightspeed Rescue were closer to their Sentai counterpart themes but not exactly copy/paste.  Okay Time Force DID HAVE Trip as an alien like Sion or two, Wes has problems with his dad like Tatsuya and he also had the pink ranger.  However Time Force deviated from Timeranger in this way- it introduced the mutant/human war which wasn't existent in Timeranger.  The Timerangers didn't face a mutant/human far conflict, they were time police who were in charge of arresting renegade ALIENS who have harmed the 21st Century.  It's okay to stick close to the Super Sentai counterpart, just make sure YOU HAVE a huge unique thing to differentiate it like Ransik an original PR villain contrasts to Dolnero from Timerager.

Power Rangers needs to really start to consider what it should do next considering it's already reached its stale period. =(


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