Some of Marvel Comic's Worst Boy/Girl Pairings IMO

Here's a partial list of Marvel Comics' worst boy/girl pairings IMO in no particular order and why:

Vision and Scarlet Witch- This was one doomed from the start anyway.  While I could accept Thor's relationship with a mortal woman, but I couldn't just accept this one.  Scarlet Witch fell for Vision and Vision had the thought patterns of Wonderman.  Okay Vision can decide at his own free will, Scarlet Witch did previously like Wonderman before she got into the Vision.  The Vision had Wonderman's brain patterns.  Vision also had some problems with promiscuous behavior even as a robot when he developed feelings for Miss Marvel.  What is never so surprising either is that Scarlet Witch's children aren't real... I mean a robot and a human CANNOT have children. Scarlet Witch used magical energies to get herself pregnant, she did get pregnant but there were times her children would somehow disappear whenever she wasn't thinking of them.  Later on after several attempts to recreate reality resulting to the House of M, both her twin sons became real sons known as Wiccan and Speed.

Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor- This was one screwed up romance!  Why?  I would really say that this relationship as the way it looked like, was already doomed to fail from the start.  So Mr. Sinister sends his "daughter" Madelyne Pryor with a false background, to work for the Summers hoping she would fall for Cyclops.  Cyclops falls for her because of her resemblance to Jean Grey and technically speaking, Cyclops has become the son-in-law of Mr. Sinister... and Mr. Sinister IS the technical maternal grandfather of Cable.  One of my main concerns about this relationship is that Cyclops just used Madelyne Pryor as a substitute for Jean Grey.  "Nice job" Cyclops, thanks to you Madelyne Pryor went crazy and you were also a reason why the Inferno incident happened in the first place.

Nate Grey and Madelyne Pryor- This is incest at best which is either they are brother/sister (which in Ultimate Marvel, I hate the fact that Quicksilver is an incestuous relationship with his sister Scarlet Witch) or aunt/nephew.  They would be siblings considering Mr. Sinister created them both though Nate Grey was born in Age of Apocalypse, Madelyne Pryor was born in the mainline Marvel continuity.  Genetically speaking, Madelyne Pryor would be Nate Grey's aunt since she is the clone of Jean Grey and he was born frm the DNA of Cyclops and Jean Grey.  Ugh.... this was really very uncalled for.

Cyclops and Emma Frost- So okay, Emma Frost is no longer a part of the whole villain group called the Hellfire Club, where she used to be the White Queen.  But I'd say it was a BIIIIIG mistake to even start to strain Jean Grey's and Cyclops' relationship all for the sake of "something new".  I really felt this relationship is pretty forced.  Plus, Cyclops' affair hurt Jean Grey and later, he MOVES ON with her shortly after he is widowed?  Man, that's just screwed up.

Wolverine and Lady Viper- To be honest, the relationship was a marriage of convenience so Lady Viper can have Madripoor.  I just thought that as if Wolverine didn't have enough relationships with other girls even resulting to him killing his illegitimate children he didn't know existed.  I personally don't want to imagine Wolverine and Viper even having a child together.  I mean Wolverine already had killed a lot of his illegitimate children and later, he has to face Daken too.  Ugh!


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