The Dysfunctional Summers' Family

The Summers' family is one dysfunctional family tree.  I might also include some of the alternate reality members to discuss its dysfunctional nature one way or another:

Cyclops is the source of THAT dysfunctional nature of the Summers' clan.  So what did he do?  Well you just don't marry a woman just because she resembles your old love.  And yup, he married Madelyne Pryor who was later revealed to be the "daughter" of Mr. Sinister via cloning Jean Grey years before the X-Men was formed.  Madelyne Pryor received "life" from the Phoenix Force, even to the point she bore Cyclops' child the future Cable.  I would say it was stupid for Cyclops to even leave Madelyne Pryor for Jean Grey, which led to the whole Inferno incident, not to mention Madelyne Pryor's insanity throughout the series.

When Cyclops' son with Madelyne Pryor, Nathan Christopher, was infected with the T-O virus, he was sent to the Askani future where his chances of return are near zero.  Granted that Apocalypse disrupted the timeline, human bodies could not time travel for periods of time.  Nathan Christopher was sent to the future to save his life, as the T-O virus was slowly consuming him.  They decided to clone Nathan Christopher to create another copy, just in case the real child died.  The Askani version of Apocalypse took the clone and named him Stryfe, raised him as his heir and later, we get the villain Stryfe.  This created a bitter rivalry between Cable and his clone Stryfe.  Stryfe without the T-O- virus poses a deadly threat as he is what Cable could have been without it.

Tyler is one of the more dangerous foes to exist even with his very limited power.  Even if his power was to merely project the memory of others as solid holograms (this could still be exploited for other reasons), he was indoctrinated by Stryfe where he was brainwashed and crazy, this event led to his very own downfall.  It's highly possible that he is Stryfe's son, therefore Cable's "nephew" but why his powers are limited is not known.  But one thing is certain, he is Aliya's son.  He would become the dangerous arms dealer Mr. Toliver and he would be manipulating events behind the scenes.  He was later killed by a feral Wolverine.  Heck, he even attacked his own grandfather Cyclops!

Cable would have to later accept reality that Madelyne Pryor no matter what, is STILL his birth mother which well, I even wonder how Madelyne Pryor reacted to find out her son is now older than her.  Regardless, the relationship was again strained and we have Cyclops to thank for it.  If he didn't use Madelyne Pryor as a Jean Grey substitute, the mess would have not started to begin with.


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