Wolverine's Rather Dark History with Women

Wolverine's wasn't always clean cut.  For one he did have multiple illegitimate children which were known as the following:

The Mongrels were hired by the Right Red Hand because they had a grudge against Wolverine in the past.  They were knwon as Gunhawk, Saw Fist, Cannon Foot (the only mutant one), Fire Knives and Shadow Stalker.  Each one of them were born from Wolverine and different mothers.  In the end, after Wolverine killed them, he realized that they were his OWN children which left him to mourn for them.

Wolverine had a son with Itsu named Daken, who hates him,  They haven't reconciled either.  He also has an unnamed child from Gacht in the Savage Land.

In one case, Wolverine's "clone" was actually more of his artificially produced daughter.  Wolverine's DNA (or more likely sperm cell) was used into Sarah Kinney, who became pregnant with Wolverine's child.  X-23 is the genetically produced child of Wolverine and X-23.  She's the only child Wolverine has who was not born out of natural conception but rather, by artificial means.

Huge lesson learned, never sleep around!


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