Dragon Ball Z: Omega Level Saiyans!

Dragon Ball Z had a series of Omega Level Saiyans.  These are those who are most likely Omega Level Saiyans, a term I invented out of Omega Level Mutant.

Goku the "prophesied one".  Like Cable in X-Men, his birth brought tremendous changes.  He was one who was prophesied to one day take down Frieza, just as Cable was prophesied to take down Apocalypse.  Although he was a common Saiyan at first, the son of Bardock would one day emerge to be Frieza's slayer.  In the Frieza saga, after seeing Krillin die before his eyes (Krillin has died FOUR TIMES in Dragon Ball Z)... his true powers emerged turning him Super Saiyan to defeat Frieza.

Future Trunks- Compared to the modern day Trunks, Future Trunks may be an Omega Level Saiyan.  Now consider this, he easily disposed of BOTH Frieza and King Cold faster than Super Saiyan Goku could ever do.  One may consider that this version of Trunks is just almost unbeatable.  Unfortunately for him, Cell managed to kill him.  Like Cable in X-Men, he seeks to save his future and meets his parents as an adult but he was NOT time lost, just an alternate version of Trunks.

Gohan. yes Gohan.  Gohan's abilities were manifested even as a child.  After he was kidnapped by his Uncle Raditz (who even threatened to kill him), he manifested his power early on giving Piccolo and Goku the advantage over Raditz.  Piccolo foresaw one day he would defeat one abomination in our timeline.  For one, he manifested his powers at age eight.  Now Goten may have gone Super Saiyan at three but didn't display that much power.  But Gohan?  During the fight with Cell, Gohan revealed Earth-shattering power that caused a world-shattering effect.  In fact, Cell who was supposedly more powerful than he was, lost advantage when he went Super Saiyan 2.  Fortunately Gohan spending more years in studying after the Cell Saga tamed down all that uncontrollable power because he has almost no control over it.

Broli as a Super Saiyan IS legendary.  He appeared in two major Dragon Ball movies.  Not even Goku, Future Trunks and Vegeta could defeat this guy.  He was first frozen but never killed.  His power level was so strong, it disturbed everyone.  Even as a child, he was definitely feared.  Truly a very fearsome foe indeed.  Like Apocalypse in X-Men, he believes only the strong should survive.feared by the king as a child (Apocalypse to Rama-Tut, Broli to King Vegeta) and cmes back as a real menace to reckon with.


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