How Did Sigma Meet Dr. Wily?

Megaman X presents another big mystery - how did Sigma the main antagonist of the X series meet the antagonist of the classic series?  Dr. Wily would be too old to live by then.  However the way Sigma talked may just be a figure of speech.  He may have "met" Dr. Wily though not in person but in a way, he did "meet" Dr. Wily figuratively.  First, I would like to say I totally dismiss the idea that Serges is Dr. Wily.  The Manga is non-canon to the series.

However the answer to Sigma meeting Dr. Wily may lie in only one person...  Dr. Wily's "son", ZERO!  Why do I think it's Zero?  Zero during Megaman X2 was the "last of the doctor's creations" which was not fully hinted who created him,.. and Megaman X3 hinted X and Zero were meant to clash.  X4 SOLVES who created Zero... it was Dr. Wily!  So remember Zero hosted the Maverick Virus as revealed in Megaman X5, heck even the Zero Virus was born during that time.  Since Dr. Wily created Zero to succeed him, just think how much information did Dr. Wily put into Zero's memory banks anyway.  A lot and I mean a lot.  Maybe that's why Zero wasn't too easy to control by Dr. Wily. Dr. Wily sealed him off, hoping to put Zero into proper order when the time comes... to destroy Megaman and become his successor.

So just think... if Sigma got the Maverick Virus which has Dr. Wily's influence, he may have also downloaded Zero's data in the process.  Maybe during the time Sigma analyzed Zero's systems, the Virus started to influence itself within Sigma's system to form the Sigma Virus which allows Sigma to cheat death as many times as possible.  Since Dr. Wily's influence was INSIDE the Maverick Virus, he may have actually gotten EVERY last plan Dr. Wily had for Zero.  Instead, Sigma began to fulfill what Zero should have fulfilled if the two didn't switch places!  In fact, if Sigma downloaded the blueprints for Gamma into his system, then that's the only way Dr. Wily could have built Sigma a new body.  They never actually met but Sigma had "met" Dr. Wily in a way which is, what if an AI version of Dr. Wily was really inside Zero's head the first place?!  After all after Isoc dies, Dr. Wily hears a voice with "??" saying, "Go Zero, you are the strongest robot." which most likely was inside Zero's head.


  1. I think Sigma meets the hologram of Dr.Wily in X5 considering the stage is an abandoned Wily Base (The W symbol, Shadow "Yellow" Devil, even the music has some feeling with Megaman 1 Dr. Wily Stage 1-2). Dr. WIly meant to be death, the appearance in Megaman X is only in Zero's hallucination. So, you are true that Sigma holds the virus data and find Wily Base, but the reason why would Sigma go to WIly Base? To get his Final W Model. I think the model was mean to be Zero's, but Sigma got it first.So yeah, that's my theory. :D


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