How Tasmader of Kamen Rider Black RX Should Have Been

Kamen Rider Black RX brought in the villain Tasmader who in the finale, turned out to be an extension of Grand Lord Crisis, the same way Psychorror is an extension to Demon King Psycho in Sharivan. I was thinking it was pretty much a waste to how Tasmader was and I thought, at least he could have been given THIS kind of execution...

Make Tasmader more like Sword Saint Bilgenia. I mean, you have freaking Tatsuya Matsui until the end... so why not make him really bigger dickhead. For one, he will have all these types of conversations with the Crisis Empire against the typical convoluted/unbelievable villain schemes you see very often in Tokusatsu. I mean, he was supposedly sent by Grand Lord Crisis to keep the Crisis Empire's invasion on schedule and why not make him like Sword Saint Bilgenia?!

The problem with Tasmader is that no matter how aggressive he was (again he was just an extension of Grand Lord Crisis so it's highly possible they are one person, two different bodies), he usually just focused on stupid plans to take over the world like that floating city or kidnapping children. If I were to write him as a villain, I would make him more like Bilgenia, focus on Kotaro so the Crisis Invasion can be on schedule. I would probably make him more aggressive and violent where would always target Kotaro when he least expects it, attack him! Bosgan did have a few moments he dealt with Black RX in person but most of the time, Crisis troopers are just too lazy. General Jak is the master of making stupid, convoluted plans like stealing gold to make a palace of gold for Crisis' arrival and so on. Make Tasmader another Bilgenia!!!!

Now how would I work itself to the finale arc? I was thinking that during the episode when Grand Lord Crisis sent a blood-filled pyramid-shaped glass container as a warning to Crisis... I was thinking maybe he can do more than just chase Gedorian and attempt to kill him. In my own view, if I were Tasmader I would strap a BOMB on Gedorian, use the Gedoll Ridoll and really assault Black RX like crazy. I would even try to kill a battle weakened Black RX crazy in an attempt to appease Grand Lord Crisis. Black RX would only be lucky because Grand Lord Crisis called me back which makes the latter a TOTAL IDIOT (and how he ran Crisis Empire proved he's a moron).

Perhaps another thing that could be done is how the relationship between Grand Lord Crisis and Tasmader should have been. In episode 43 and 47, you can see them together. In Sharivan, you can see Umibozu and Demon King Psycho at the same time but technically, they are one and the same because Demon King Psycho mentioned that Umibozu/Psychorror is an extension of himself. Now I would think that was too cliche and instead... make it to a point that Tasmader would have more relevance towards the finale. Maybe I would even write the part where he attempts to fire at both General Jak and Black RX during their battle! I mean, make him more cruel!

As for the finale, I thought I might make him more relevant. In a way, when Grand Lord Crisis converses with Kotaro for an offer, why not make him stay there all the time? For the finale, he would soon be fighting against not only Black RX but also the ten senior riders. Maybe I'll have Grand Lord Crisis and Tasmader fight against them together. It will be revealed that Tasmader shares a common link with Grand Lord Crisis, that he willingly became the latter's host body, give him a personality of his own. Then I would have it that both Tasmader and Grand Lord Crisis must be destroyed TOGETHER to win. Sigh, Black RX's finale was so bland that it was one of the weaker points of a series I still like.


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