Kimberly Hart as a Victim of Power Rangers Injustice

There's no doubt that Power Rangers usually has the problem of bad writing and I think Kimberly is one big victim of it. How? While she started out pretty fine, she was able to fight but the problem was later during the second to third season (probably that's why the actress wanted to leave) was because of this... you cannot deny that she was first changed from your average ranger to Tommy's damsel in distress which really gets annoying for the character.

Now this was another case of injustice against the character by the writers. Remember the MMPR/Masked Rider crossover? Getting Kimberly sick is indeed bad, bad and I mean VERY BAD writing. I really thought it was a pathetic treatment towards her. Who knows? Maybe that's why Amy Jo Johnson got sick and tired of all the bad writing she soon requested to make a proper leave. But I guess executives didn't want her to leave so easily. I cannot deny how the scene was really badly written. Sheesh... at least this mistake wasn't carried over to Kamen Rider Decade's Shinkenger Arc!

Now I was even thinking about the possibility of executive revenge. So Kimberly left, Kat came in and I stopped watching MMPR. Then I started to think Kimberly could return in Zeo BUT I was dead wrong. Instead, it was a stupid Dear John Letter which was very out of character of Kimberly. I guess they wanted her back but with the way Power Rangers was going, she wouldn't want to return after finding other career paths that made her last long in show business. So I guess they just decided to get revenge one way or another.

Now why Amy Jo Johnson decided to show up for the Power Rangers Turbo movie is still a mystery. I just thought that more bad writing, an intended romance between her and Jason is totally random and I guess... although she did cherish her time with Power Rangers, she left the set due to bad writing.


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