Mr. Sinister: 90s Cartoon vs. Comics

Mr. Sinister was among a few characters to get some modifications from the X-Men Cartoon Series.  To be honest, I feel like the cartoon show may be more of an old shame to me.  Now let's focus on Mr. Sinister and how he differed from the comics.  Now I'd like to discuss the cartoon Mr. Sinister first.

Cartoon Mr. Sinister has some elements changed in him.  For instance, in the cartoon he activated his own dormant x-gene (it's highly possible that both versions are born with the x-gene but the gene was yet to be activated) which is unlike in the comics.  In this one, he is portrayed to be able to heal himself but finds himself weak to Cyclops' optic blasts.  His motives behind his obsession behind Cyclops and Jean Grey is never known.  The comics however presents a darker, more different story which makes Sinister far more a threat than he was in the 80s cartoons.

Mr. Sinister's X-Gene was awakened by Apocalypse.  Now I would like to assume that Mr. Sinister was a mutant whose powers were yet to be activated.  Apocalypse enhanced Mr. Sinister into the being that he is today, who is supposedly immortal.  If he wasn't one with an X-Gene, Mr. Sinister may not survive Apocalypse' process.  Whatever mutant powers he had not discovered was not known but it was certainly something - he was indeed a truly Sinister!  Mr. Sinister would later seek to seek to betray Apocalypse for his own personal agenda.  He was obsessed wit the Summers and Grey lines, seeking to bring mutation to a whole new level which was in contrast to Apocalypse' plans.

Another difference is this.  Mr. Sinister is NOT vulnerable to Cyclops' weaker optic blasts.  One thing was verified one way or another... Cyclops needs to fire stronger blast to hurt Mr. Sinister, though he can still recover from them.  The only time Cyclops blew Mr. Sinister apart (but he survived it) was because Havok super-charged Cyclops.  Other than that, Cyclops' melee optic blasts won't harm him at all.  That is very different from the cartoons where even weaker optic blasts can harm Mr. Sinister.  Only if the cartoon kept that in mind!  But the cartoon kept their rivalry though!


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